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    ….and life suddenly gets a jump start Mars turns direct on 29th June at 23°03’ Scorpio after a retrograde period lasting two and a half months and particularly interested here are those with planets or angles at or near this degree in the fixed signs of Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo. Let’s also make a mention to 7° Aquarius which is the antiscion point of 23° Scorpio and also a very sensitive point. Mars has been more or less at this degree since mid-June and will stick around at the same degree well into the first half of July….a very long period if you’re affected by [...]

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    FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS ON 20TH JUNE 2016 (another one)

    …..the second Full Moon in a month on the same zodiacal axis (Sagittarius-Gemini) This is rather a rare event and thus more significant than a Blue Moon which involves either 2 Full Moons in a month or 4 Full Moons in a season. It will occur at 29°33’ of Sagittarius…29° of any sign is considered as a “threshold” point in some way (it's also known as the Anaretic degree). It often represents decision-making problems, wavering, or jumping into situations without thinking twice. The 29th degree is the last degree of the zodiac sign, and there can be a true feeling of urgency [...]

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    ….and almost immediately squares Saturn (also retrograde) in Sagittarius Neptune starts his yearly 5-month long retrograde season at 12°02’ in his home sign of Pisces where he has been transiting since 2011-2012, he will station direct once again at 9°14’ Pisces on 18th November this year. During the retrograde period Neptune will square Saturn in Sagittarius again twice this year, they already made a square aspect at 7°02’ on 26th November 2015. Therefore the second square of these planets when both of them are retrograde is on 17th June at 12°02’, only a few days after [...]

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