• Mars in TaurusMARS ENTERS TAURUS

    Least resistance is perhaps the best option….

    From Fire to Earth, from rulership to detriment.

    Mars in Taurus is not exactly at home and could take a little while to get used to slowing down and being nice. Mars here is a bit like a time bomb, the natural aggressivity of Mars has to be calmed down and often results in pent up anger turning out as devastating rage once it surfaces.

    Mars in Taurus thrives on security, safety, routine and organization, slow to warm up but super passionate once the fire is lit.

    Another plus is that no one resists and perseveres longer than Mars in Taurus in any endeavour undertaken.

    Not that the interplay with other planets will be less harsh during Mars’ stay in Taurus than it was in Aries, it’s just how that energy is expressed that will modify the end result and being in the sign of its detriment could indicate a more misplaced form of energy.

    During the planet’s stay in Taurus it will make the following aspects:

    11 June: square Pluto (01°45’ Taurus-Aquarius) – no-one may want to give in the desperate assertion of one’s own will or your own personal world may be creatively transformed by concentrating more on others than protecting your self-comforts.

    05 July: sextile Saturn (19°23’ Taurus-Pisces) – a great opportunity to pay attention to detail which may not be easy due to the Piscean energy of Saturn.

    15 July: conjunct Uranus (26°19’ Taurus) – a new project regarding your comfort zone might seemingly come out of nowhere but you might also want to break free of any restrictions you feel you might have.

    20 July: sextile Neptune (29°50’ Taurus-Pisces) – Ohmmmmmmmmm