• MARS-SCORPIO--di-Andrea-Fontana_74p9i50y….and life suddenly gets a jump start

    Mars turns direct on 29th June at 23°03’ Scorpio after a retrograde period lasting two and a half months and particularly interested here are those with planets or angles at or near this degree in the fixed signs of Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo. Let’s also make a mention to 7° Aquarius which is the antiscion point of 23° Scorpio and also a very sensitive point.

    Mars has been more or less at this degree since mid-June and will stick around at the same degree well into the first half of July….a very long period if you’re affected by the transit.

    Which tasks or programmes had you left behind before the retrograde started that you might have now finished or brought forward during this period?

    It’s time to put our plans on the roll again (the famous plan A that got held up as the retrograde started)…although Mars is still in his home sign of Scorpio and apt to use will-power rather than muscle power to get his own way.

    So, let’s try to harness this energy is a positive way by being consistent, perseverant and in line with our emotions as we forge ahead. Scorpio Mars in his less pleasant version could be inclined to manipulation and even emotional blackmail in his quest to move ahead.

    On the sexual front this is certainly a very passionate and intense energy….for those who want to take note!!

    Mars is also in quincunx to Uranus in the Martian ruled sign of Aries and will continue to be so almost until the end of July. This aspect, which in more simple terms could be compared to having a pebble in our shoe, therefore it could result as rather annoying or as an undermining irritation. Mars-Uranus in any aspect is not a particularly good mix and expecting the un-expected could be rather a too simple suggestion. The combinations of these two energies often signify surgical operations or cuts and damage by sharp or bladed instruments, caution is therefore recommended when using these instruments if either or both touch any planets or angles in your personal chart.

    Mars in Scorpio thrives on emotion and will-power and has a goal in mind that he will strive to achieve at all costs (including manipulating other people) whilst Uranus in Aries wants action for freedom now so these two energies combined could result in explosive, aggressive reactions (yours or coming from others). Caution is particularly required around objects that cut or prick during this time as well as fire-arms.

    Pluto, still in his retrograde period in serious Capricorn, and co-ruler of Scorpio along with Mars, adds further psychological depth to the equation as he continues to juggle his need for social reform in a trine aspect with a detailed and future-orientated Jupiter in Virgo.

    The Sabian symbol for 24° Scorpio is “After having heard an inspired individual deliver his “Sermon on the Mount”, crowds are returning home.” Indicating the need to incorporate inspiring experiences and teachings into everyday living.

    A motto for now could be:

    “Looking back isn’t going to help you. Moving forward is the thing you have to do.” McKayla Maroney


    Rudhyar D. (1974) “An Astrological Mandala: the cycles of transformations and its 360 symbolic phases”. pp 206, Vintage Books Edition, Random House Inc., New York, USA

    Image: http://www.scienze-astratte.it/images/MARS-SCORPIO–di-Andrea-Fontana_74p9i50y.jpg