• Full Moon in CapricornFULL MOON IN CAPRICORN 

    “If you own this story you get to write the ending.” Brené Brown

    The first Full Moon of two in in the serious, ambitious sign of Capricorn will occur at 01°07’ (antiscion 28°53’ Sagittarius) and has the flavour of the 4th-10th house axis (Cancer-Capricorn), the intimate versus the public, home versus work/career, fluidity versus rigidity etc.

    An emotionally dry Moon in Capricorn with its dispositor Saturn in Pisces already slowing down to station retrograde at the end of this month.

    Moon (people in mundane astrology) is trine and in mutual reception by exaltation with Mars in Taurus. Although a little stubborn this combination gives courage and the determination to stand one’s own ground (a great, albeit brief transit for the people) also because Moon is dispositor of the Sun in this lunation too – perhaps the “people” will finally be heard by their leaders. Sun is conjunct Venus, burning it – which could of course signify burning money too by our leaders (Sun) in an attempt to reach a compromise with the people by pleasing or condescending to them in some way!

    Mars is also sextile Mercury (just leaving combustion) and the Moon is applying an opposition to both Venus and Mercury. Confirming an opportunity for the people to actually be heard. With general elections coming up shortly in several European countries (UK and France for two) and after the results of the recently held EU elections we are already beginning to see a change in the political scenario as the people yearn for less confusion and corruption in the running of political matters.

    Moon (heading towards maximum Southern declination 28°+), Venus and Mercury are all OOB giving an erratic and exaggerated nature to these planets. Expect matters regarding these planets to be in the news over the next few days not only in the political/financial/communications arena but also in extreme atmospheric/geological manifestations too.

    The lunation chart itself has a fair balance between Modalities but an Elemental lack of Fire is present (no planets in the Fire signs) making it particularly hard to find the starting power to actually get events moving.

    The Full Moon is also the time to reap rewards for past endeavours, things undertaken at the last New Moon. It signals the climax of a cycle when our energy is at its peak and when the time is ripe for the harvest.

    Raven Kaldera in his book “Moon Phase Astrology” calls this moon the “Grandmother’s Moon”. The Grandmother is the head of her family, clan or tribe and she rules all blood relatives and cares for them intensely.

    Under this Moon we may feel older, wiser and a little more rigid, it’s the destiny of Capricorn to embody maturity and this Full Moon is the archetype of the Elder in all her fullness.

    So, under this Moon we may honour our family elders (both living and dead) and our focus will turn to our close relatives. It’s a time to get organized and to take responsibility also at an emotional level.

    The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 2° Capricorn: “Three rose windows in a Gothic church, one damaged by war.” Indicating the necessary realisation by any individual making a violent use of collective power that it will lead to the inevitable destruction of some of the values ensuring group-integration.

    For the Moon’s antiscion at 29° Sagittarius: “A fat boy mowing the lawn of his house on an elegant suburban street.” Indicating the need to attend to everyday tasks which both ensure social worth or respectability and benefit one’s constitution.

    For the Sun at 2° Cancer: “A man on a magic carpet hovers over a large area of land.” Indicating the ability to expand one’s point of view at a higher level.

    “Dispassionate objectivity is itself a passion, for the real and for the truth.” Abraham Maslow


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