• Mars in GeminiMARS IN GEMINI

    mental overdrive….

    Mars will enter Gemini on the 20th of July, this, for many, will bring back (un)pleasant memories of Mars’ previous (too) long stay in Gemini which lasted from August 2022 to March 2023.

    After being rather uncomfortable in Taurus, the sign of his detriment, where sensuality and stubbornness perhaps added to the planet’s allure, Mars is now ready for mental rationality, quick thinking, dexterity and perhaps even some maverick moves. Mars in Gemini is rather unleashed and free to prank around as and if he pleases, Gemini is, after all, a smart-ass sign that nearly always manages to have the last word, well, sometimes, all the words, since the gift of the gab certainly is part of this socialite sign. Except for the last degrees of Gemini, Mars will be peregrine during his stay here, a condition that will probably add to his waywardness (Mars is known as the lesser malefic in traditional astrology).

    Mars in Gemini can lend itself to glib remarks and extreme sarcasm when provoked so if your chart is involved during this transit in Gemini careful how you respond ‘cos it could cause a backlash.

    Speaking of talking, Gemini is of course the socialite sign where communication takes place between two or more persons. But what does real communication involve? Is it an “I speak” then “you speak” situation? During which words come out only on a personal opinion level and less so on a “listening” level? Do you ask questions about the other person when you are talking? Or do you just add your thoughts to the mix and aren’t really interested in what’s actually being said by the other party? With Mars in Gemini you’d better be listening because misconstrued words and sentences may have scathing consequences.

    Mars in Gemini is the monkey-mind, switching from one thought to the next, one action to the next. I know a lot about monkey-minds, I am one myself (Mars in Gemini). It’s so easy for me to talk about something and be contemporarily thinking or watching or doing something else (multi-tasking) but that isn’t necessarily a good thing because going into mental overdrive is stressful for myself and even more so for those who are close to me and this can lead to disastrous distractions. Anyone else a monkey-mind here?

    Bringing this transit once more to a more personal level, I will be having my Mars return during this transit. This occurs every two years or so and if you pull up a chart for the time of the exact return (a bit like doing a Solar return chart) then the position of Mars in this new chart will indicate the area of your life where you will be putting most of your energy over the next two years.

    Mars will make the following aspects during its stay in Gemini:

    21-22 July: trine Pluto R (00°53’ Gemini-Aquarius) – this could be emotionally intense and creatively transformative.

    14 August: conjunct Jupiter (16°14’ Gemini) – don’t overdo anything.

    15-16 August: square Saturn R (17°42’ Gemini-Pisces) – don’t forget to breathe as you continue to tread water.

    03 September: square Neptune R (29°00’ Gemini- Pisces) – don’t be sneaky.


    “Shut up, she tells her monkey mind. Please shut up, you picker of nits, presser of bruises, counter of losses, fearer of failures, collector of grievances future and past.” Leni Zumas, Red Clocks