• Where are we in Italy astrologically speaking?

  • There are many ways of looking into the future of a country: by using transits, secondary progressions, Solar returns, profections and comparing these to the natal chart we have chosen to use for that particular country. We can however also look at the Cardinal ingress charts when the Sun enters Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The Aries ingress chart located in Rome gives a general idea of how the year from Spring equinox to Spring equinox might proceed, while the individual ingresses give an idea of the upcoming three months from the date of each ingress.

    Aries Ingress – 20 March 2020 04:49:30 Rome Italy – Placidus house system Chart 1

    This chart sets the trend for the year and we were in full lockdown when this chart was born. Here we see the country represented by Saturn (traditional Lord of the Ascendant) in the 12th house of isolation and Moon (the people) ruled by Saturn in Aquarius also in the 12th house of isolation, quite a fitting scenario for what was happening at the time. In traditional astrology, finding the Lord of the Ascendant in 12th house where it cannot see the Ascendant itself is known by the term aversion (1). An Air sign Ascendant, in keeping with its element, is always restless and needs communication and freedom of movement, so finding itself in aversion means that it is unable to express itself, again very fitting for a 12th house placement. The MC (the Prime Minister) is ruled by Jupiter closely conjunct Mars, again in 12th house. Mars rules the second house of financial resources – money was being spent for the country and its hospitals ( which are also a 12th house matter) – as well as the 9th house of laws – many new laws were enforced regarding our personal freedom. Rumour (3rd house ruled by Venus) has it that our national debt but also foreign financial aid (8th house ruled by Venus) look robust with Venus in its own sign of Taurus. With the Moon (people) about to apply a square aspect to Venus this could be read as though the money needed by the people will be difficult to obtain. Mercury in Pisces in 1st house of country and ruling 4th house of home and intercepted in the 7th house of our allies could indicate confounding news about any help from them especially since this news is ruled by Jupiter (Prime Minister).

    Now let’s look at the following ingresses:

    Cancer Ingress – 20 June 2020 23:44 Rome Italy – Placidus house system Chart 2

    Again, the Lord of the Ascendant Saturn is in the Air sign Aquarius and in the 12th house, conjunct Jupiter ruler of MC (the prime Minister): both planets are retrograde, thus adding further impediment to being able to act to their best. The people (represented by the Moon) in the 4th of patria is in almost exact quincunx to Jupiter (the Prime Minister): a lot of tension regarding personal freedom which a Gemini Moon craves, as Moon rules the 5th of fun and the 6th of work. A loosening of the restrictions was under way regarding both fun and work as Mars conjunct Neptune in the 1st house (country) made an encouraging sextile (opportunity) to Jupiter (the Prime Minister).


    Libra Ingress – 22 September 2020 15:31 Rome Italy – Placidus House System Chart 3

    Saturn, once more in Capricorn, is still the ruler of the Ascendant and retrograde in the first house, a slightly better condition since at least it is now free (but hindered by the retrograde) to act (by being in the house of the Ascendant), and Cardinal signs of course want action above all. An Earth sign Ascendant has a need for physical security within their personal space. Saturn is the apex planet of a Cardinal T-Square with a Mars-Mercury opposition as base. The country needs to decide how much freedom (Mercury in 9th ruling 5-6th and intercepted in the 8th of anxiety) the Prime Minister (MC ruled by Scorpio, Mars is the traditional ruler) can concede us without harming our health. The Moon (people) in restless Sagittarius quincunx an unruly Uranus is of course hopeful (11th house) that it can continue to go out and enjoy itself and perhaps it will do so regardless.

    Capricorn Ingress – 21 December 2020 11:03 Rome Italy – Placidus House System Chart 4

    Here, we return to Jupiter (traditional ruler of the Pisces Ascendant) in the 12th house of isolation in exact conjunction to Saturn ruler of the 11th (national programmes for the country as a whole) and 12th house (isolation). This conjunction occurs every 20 years and this is the year when the two planets will conjoin in the Air signs for the next 200 years leaving behind the materialistic Earth signs of the last two centuries: a whole change of outlook and mentality is about to manifest over the coming years. The Water sign Ascendant needs acceptance, love, and emotional wellbeing. Jupiter rules both the Ascendant and the MC (the Prime Minister). The Ascendant is in the very first degree of Pisces, indicating that we still don’t have all the facts of the table and we need to navigate on sight until the picture becomes clearer. The people (Moon in 1st house and ruler of 5-6th houses) separating from Neptune seem completely bewildered as where to go or what to expect next, and the sextile to Pluto provides an opportunity for pessimism. especially given the tight square from Mars (in the 2nd and ruler of financial resources and political propaganda – 9th house) to Pluto, which is ruler itself of the 9th house: this indicates unrest and difficulties regarding financial matters (sometimes having too much money and too many heads may be a problem too). However, the country’s financial resources seem amazingly strong (represented by Mars in Aries in and ruling the 2nd house of resources) and foreign aid also seems to be at hand with 8th house ruler Venus in the 9th house of all things “foreign” and also being ruled by Jupiter….perhaps the recovery fund or something similar will finally be delivered during this period.

    This definitely will not be an easy period as you have been able to read, but we can do nothing but struggle through it the best we can, looking out for the less fortunate and lending a hand where necessary.

    Complaining or playing the victim is not going to help anyone, we need all to do our part and it seems that is won’t be easy at all.



    For further information about aversion and blind ascendant rulers please visit Joy Usher’s fantastic webite: https://www.atinyuniverse-joyusher.com/