• iStock_000026190697_MediumVenus, the planet of values, love, and finances, entered the sign of Leo on the 6th of June this year. Venus usually spends approximately 19 days in each sign but due to its 42-day retrograde period it will actually be in Leo until the 8th of October 2015 (except for a 12-day period from 19th to 31st July when it will be at 0° Virgo). The planet will backtrack from 0°45’ of Virgo to 14°27° of Leo during this period.

    In Leo, Venus feels courted and pampered (after all Leo is the King and she is the Goddess!), she hates to be ignored and seeks attention, which isn’t difficult for her since she adds her own talents to Leo’s natural penchant for passion, generosity and warmth towards others. Venus rules the sign of Taurus (her more practical side involving finances and comforts in general) and Libra (love, harmony and relationships) so you should look not only to the house that Venus is transiting but also to the houses which have Taurus and Libra on their cusps since the affairs of these houses will also be under scrutiny during the retrograde period as will any planets or angles that Venus aspects during the transit through Leo.

    What might we expect during this retrograde period when Venus goes under-cover, so as to say?

    Venus retrograde could declare “war” in a subconscious way on our senses and attitudes to love or finances and on the old died-out values that we attach to these matters. The effects of the retrograde period in this sense are less obvious and immediate and usually emerge after the planet has once more turned direct.

    The houses involved in the retrograde transit will be more vulnerable and unprotected once the planet resumes forward motion since they are areas which we have left unattended for some time. A Venus retrograde period exposes those areas of self that are normally concealed from view and are often the complete opposite to the behaviours we normally show which undoubtedly causes emotional stress for us.

    Thus the Venus retrograde period is an excellent time to contemplate those which are our deepest and most personal creative needs and if the flaws and faults enhanced, and so readily identified, in others are not really ours. Thus a deep introspection into what makes us happy and what may be missing in order for us to be so could be in order.

    It’s also a good time to work on creative projects, heal old heartbreaks and/or take care of unfinished business in order to make room in life for the things that bring us joy.

    During this time old lovers may also surface, physically and mentally! Before welcoming them back with open arms (if they appear in their physical form) stop and think for a while, especially about the reasons why the story ended in the first place and what role you yourself may have had in this (consciously or not).

    New loves may also begin during this period. Again, careful, eyes wide open because at the end of the retrograde period things may not be as they initially seemed…..you may have confused lust with love especially when Venus is joined by Mars (her most famous and traditional lover in the myth) around the end of August and the beginning of September.

    Venus retrograde is also joined by Mercury during the first week of August which could be the right time to go over any financial matters or to watch your words, especially who you say “I love you too”!

    A trine from Venus to transiting Uranus mid-August could bring some excitement in the romance sector; again, caution, double check before committing.

    To gain a glimpse of what might occur during this retrograde period, think back to eight years ago when Venus was retrograding in Leo in almost the same degrees (July 27th 2007 2°57’ Virgo to 8th September 2007 at 16°37’ Leo). What was happening in your life then?



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