• Venus in VirgoVENUS ENTERS VIRGO

    Miss Modesty

    Venus in Virgo intellectualises love and intimacy and is also pretty good at maths when it comes to managing finances so keeping a check on over-spending could be a welcome (and necessary for some of us) break after the Leo extravagance.

    This rationalisation or intellectualisation of what we most treasure takes away something from our intrinsic affectional make-up thus making us appear “cold”, irritable and highly strung.

    Virgo needs to express love in a practical way so how about cooking something delicious for our loved ones or treating ourselves to a relaxing massage?

    Venus Virgo can also be quite prudish although with the Virgo desire to “get things right” they could likewise be in expert in seduction and many of them are.

    During the stay in Virgo, Venus will make the following aspects:

    16 September: square Mars (14°23) – rationalising passion isn’t the best way to enjoy it!

    19-20 September: trine Uranus R (18°37’) – you could improvise – you know that don’t you?

    24 September: opposite Neptune R (23°49’) – are you being blindfolded?

    25-26 September: trine Pluto R (26°08’) – put that passion into a practical use!


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