• I’m sexy and I know it…

    Venus the planet of love, comfort, finances and self-worth enters one of her home signs on the 5th of March. Taurus is a sign known for its down-to-earth practicality and love of tactile sensations. It’s a Fixed, Earth sign which is very steadfast, stubborn and unable and unwilling to accept change and for the above reasons Taurus is known as a very dependable sign always arriving at its prefixed goals with its slow and steady attitude. Venus in Taurus also endures romantic situations that most others would have already abandoned.

    Venus in Taurus is naturally seductive and sensual with a strong capacity for devotion which could lead to possessiveness and jealousy, here, the planet may also have an exaggerated need of security. On the plus side however Venus in Taurus often attracts what it needs and values.

    Venus will make the following aspects as it travels (rather speedily) through Taurus:

    8th March conjunct Uranus (4°) – could be a good day for unusual encounters or even unexpected gains

    23rd March sextile Neptune (19°) – people and finances could take on a hue that it a little too rosy

    27-29th March trine Jupiter (24°) and Pluto (25°) – feeling able to transform whatever Venus represents for you into something lasting and completely new as you are kept buoyant by a feeling of happiness, contentment and optimism.

    The above transits last less than a day so the perceptions will be fleeting!

    Artwork: myskypie2020