• Seductively passionate….

    After a stay in flirtatious Libra, one of its home signs, Venus, the planet of values (what WE value and desire), love and finances, enters the “still waters run deep” sign of Scorpio on the 21st November.

    In Scorpio, Venus is in her mythical lover’s den (one of them, the other being in Aries).

    Venus in Scorpio can lend itself to uncanny ways of seduction with psychological abuse and mental cruelty not being unknown. On the other hand, it’s powerfully attractive and very passionate. Venus in Scorpio, as in Aries, is in her detriment where the planet is least at ease in its surroundings.

    Some interesting aspects that Venus will make during its stay in Scorpio:

    27 November: opposite Uranus retrograde in Taurus (7°37’) – shock your partner.

    6 December: trine Neptune in Pisces (18°10’) – don’t be fooled by appearances.

    10 December: sextile Pluto in Capricorn (23°31’) – “belonging” to a person or a group may feel necessary for you today.

    14 December: sextile Jupiter in Capricorn (28°31’) – a good day for legal outcomes or solutions.

    15 December: sextile Saturn in Capricorn (29°48’) – be creative but not sloppy!

    “Tu ne me séduis plus, car je suis lucide.” Anon


    Artwork by myskypie.2020