After an almost 4-week stay in Scorpio’s murky waters Venus now enters the more free-wheeling sign of Sagittarius and on the 9th of October goes OOB giving this easy kindled Venus another dimension!

    Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and this rather over-optimistic planet might induce Venus to yearn ecstasy in some form. Rules often also mean a lot to Venus in this sign, inviting others to follow our rules as we preach what we often don’t practice may therefore be another way of expressing itself…this trait may also show itself up in relationships where the “do as I say” becomes more important than the “do as I do” and infidelity takes on a new meaning.

    Venus will make the following aspects during its journey through Sagittarius:

    9 October as Venus starts it OOB journey it conjoins the Lunar South Node (2°32’) indicating that there might be a down in relationships or monetary affairs of some kind with a Sagittarian flare to them, foreign, exotic and perhaps clumsy!

    13 October sextile to Saturn (6°53’): being responsible could be one of its effects as could creating a bond with an older person.

    26 October square to Neptune R (20°44’): following your heart could bring confusion into your head.

    28 October sextile Jupiter (22°30’): a day with a good feeling.

    However, it’s often a fun placement so go ahead and enjoy!

    ARTWORK: myskypie2021