Needing to find a balance as we process the changes….

    Venus enters one of its home signs on the 15-16 of August (depending on where in the world you are as you read this).

    Venus takes on a more rational stance in Airy Libra with peace and harmony being of utmost importance as it endeavours to keep an even keel (Taurus, its other home sign is a much more sensual placement).

    Some keywords for Libra might be: impartial, balanced, diplomatic, charming, tasteful, indecisive, flirtatious, peaceable and compromising.

    In Libra, Venus tends towards compromise and harmony in relationships but it also has problems deciding who and what it really desires or if it’s even worth rocking the boat and making a choice.

    Venus will make the following aspects during its stay in Libra (all dates GMT) :

    23 August: trine Saturn R (8°39’) – if something’s wrong in your relationship sector then this is a good day to bring it up and sort it out.

    06 September: square Pluto R (24°31’) – feeling the power of love or losing your control over it.

    06 September trine Jupiter R (25°00’) – this is the “feel good” transit which could lead to self-indulgence and laziness rather than having fun in pleasant company.


    Artwork: myskypie2021

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