• From Earth to Air, from sensual to frivolous…it’s party time!

    This will be a super-long stay in the sign of Gemini since Venus will turn retrograde on 12th May until 24th June and the planet will also be out-of-bounds (OOB) reaching a far-out North declination of 27°49’ from 2nd April until 4th of May. Let’s expect some really out-of-the-box manifestations of Venus in Gemini traits over the next weeks.

    Venus in Gemini is known for being flirty and also for its refined social skills although it dislikes commitment both sentimentally and financially. Venus in Gemini enjoys a lot of mental fertility and it reflects a lot on matters of the heart (usually deciding that single is better than partnered) since it is far too rational to be interested in steady love unions. It could also be a spendthrift as far as intellectual pursuits are concerned (books especially) since it values communication and information.

    Whatever side of itself it shows in Gemini, Venus here is a definitely a party animal!


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    thank you Emma, glad to be of help!!