• Only four hours after Mercury enters the sign of Aquarius (Fixed, Air) and two days after Mars enters Taurus (Fixed, Earth), Venus enters Capricorn (Cardinal, Earth). Three of the so-called “personal” planets changing signs so near together force a change of nuance to our natal way of acting, thinking and loving more or less all at once. Look to your natal placements to see how these new elements/modes harmonizes or clashes with your chart.

    From frivolous and gaudy to self-possessed and distinct. Social propriety and etiquette, at least on a public level, mean a lot to this rather ambitious placement for Venus, less so perhaps in the bedroom, but that is a side that Venus Capricorn would prefer to keep private!

    Venus’s contours are finely chiselled and with a distinct “no frills attached” attitude in this serious sign. Ambition is often part of the picture too.

    Dates to watch (all dates GMT):

    9th January Venus trine Mars (1°15’ – Capricorn-Taurus) – sweet assertiveness and passion

    13th January Venus trine Uranus (6°43’ – Capricorn-Taurus) – desiring freedom and excitement

    23rd January Venus sextile Neptune (19°01’ Capricorn-Pisces) – romantic and creative imagination runs high

    28th January Venus conjunct Pluto (25°06’) – infatuation comes easily, control also

    Artwork: myskypie2021