First Mars, then 7 minutes later Venus, enter Aquarius on the 5th or the 6th March depending on where in the world you live and less than an hour later they conjoin at 0°01’ of the sign.

    The same degree and the same sign as the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December 2020 thus activating the Grand Conjunction.

    Mars in Aquarius…unusual, eccentric, crazy and revolutionary

    Having left the sign of its exaltation to find itself peregrine, in Aquarius we could find Mars fighting for the masses or fighting to impress since he has a strong sense of individualism and eccentricity as he pursues his goals. To the point that he prefers to see how much he differs from the norm rather than trying to understand how much he has in common with his peers.

    In this sign Mars can be really independent, sometimes unpredictable and often uncompromising as he tries to force his views and opinions on others or tries to convince himself that his is the only “right” way of seeing or doing things. These views and opinions are often great in theory but frequently lacking in practicality or he has difficulty in turning his decisions into action for some reason although he does stick to them once decided upon!

    Also, on the plus side, he’s not easily provoked in Aquarius tending towards a rather aloof behaviour. Probably the only real thing that could make him angry is any lack of personal freedom that he might perceive or any wrongs done to any group or ideal to which he is particularly attached.

    Sexually, Mars in Aquarius loves to experiment by doing things that he considers (and maybe others too!) “outside the norm” but it’s a more cerebral than carnal sexuality as he elaborates ideals and pursues his own particular sense of desire, ”I want you but if you show me that you want me too then I don’t want you anymore!”

    You could experiment some or all of the above or you might meet these characteristics in other people’s behaviour.

    Venus in Aquarius…unconventional love or love without passion?

    Venus too is peregrine as it enters this sign and here Venus wants the liberty to come and go as it pleases but this doesn’t necessarily mean unfaithfulness, just that equal rights and a seemingly no-strings-attached attitude need to be maintained for relationships to function.

    It’s the Venus placement par excellence for bed-buddies in a mix-and-match of friends becoming lovers and vice versa since Venus here is rather emotionally distant and has an attitude for open and unconventional relationships, fortunately jealousy is not one of its traits however.

    Venus and Mars conjunct in Aquarius

    Love and violence, temptation and lust, gentle and brutal, refined and primitive are just a few of the keywords for these two planets together without involving the sign placement.

    In Aquarius these two could become fanatical and opinionated in their dealings together, each striving for its own kind of independence and emotional detachment.

    One of the possible meanings I wrote in my article on the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 2020 (and which Venus and Mars share by degree and sign in the upcoming conjunction) was:

    “Enthusiam (Jupiter) for humanitarian (Aquarius) leadership (Saturn) policies (Jupiter).”

    However, in the light of the recent and distressing events involving Ukraine I could also have put it another way:

    Fanatical (Aquarius) and stubborn (Aquarius) leaders (Saturn) are too enthusiastic (Jupiter) to control (Saturn) and restrict (Saturn) others with their own nationalism (Jupiter) and this will tempt (Venus) violence (Mars).

    It’s possible that Mars will incite enthusiasm as Venus endeavours to boost the humanitarian/equal rights for all part of the new policies that quickly need to be implemented into our daily lives.

    In the event chart of the Venus-Mars conjunction (6 March 2022 London UK 07.20 GMT) Mercury is on the degree of and square the nodal axis. Mercury is first and foremost about communications and in Aquarius it’s about uninvolved agreements or treaties, humanitarian talks or very opiniated and outspoken words, the square to the nodes indicates that these communications are vital to our future. Jupiter and Sun are conjunct in Pisces, lots of good will and enthusiasm or our hopes may be burnt. The Moon has just separated from a square to Pluto (the mood was bleak) and is on the all-or-nothing 29th degree of Aries before entering Taurus, the sign of its exaltation. However, Mars is parallel Pluto (events could be nasty with lots of violence or there could be a tremendous effort to transform these events into something better). Mercury is parallel Saturn (communications are serious) and Saturn is parallel Venus (perhaps we won’t get all we ask for).

    We need to watch the days around the Mars-Venus conjunction regarding the situation in Ukraine. The energy available could go either way, peace talks or outright war. We need to pray for the former.

    On their journey through Aquarius Mars and Venus will make the following aspects (all dates GMT):

    19 March (12°17’) Venus square Uranus – something upsets the apple cart and harmony is momentarily lost

    22 March (12°26’) Mars square Uranus – this could be a revolution of the status quo, the quick reaction of a very short fuse

    28 March (21°44’) Venus conjunct Saturn – where does our loyalty lie?

    5 April (22°24’) Mars conjunct Saturn – frustrations as progress seems hampered


    “Success if not final, failure is not final. It is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill



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