• Transiting North Node enters Virgo 12th November 2015

  • chartThe transiting Lunar Nodes have just changed signs with the North Node entering Virgo and the South Node Pisces. The Nodes spend about 1.5 years in each sign and it takes approximately 18 years for a complete orbit of the zodiac.

    Both Virgo and Pisces are mutable signs, the first in Air and the second in Water, so we’re thinking along the lines of: discrimination vs universality, order vs chaos, criticism vs compassion etc.

    However, more important than the signs the nodes are transiting, are the houses in which they journey and if on their way they conjoin planets and/or angles then they take on a deeper significance. The transiting nodes in fact could be compared to signposts or checkpoints along our path some of which we are unable to ignore or over which we have little control.

    Where the South Node transits we might have a sense of inner knowledge about something in our life that could be lost and to which we are very attached whilst North Node transits give us a sense of anticipation as we ponder exciting possibilities.

    During these transits the houses show the general significance, transits over a planet show more details and the house ruling the planet being transited gives us more specifics.

    Here are a few tips about how contacts by the nodes to the planets may manifest for us (using the conjunction aspect, for trine and sextile aspects of the nodes to planets or angles use the NN interpretation, for squares the SN one):

    NN to Sun: increased opportunities, personal successes and greater confidence.

    SN to Sun: Ego and identity are suppressed, low self-esteem and feelings of despair are also common.

    NN to Moon: increased sensitivity, changes involving family members, often births, matters of the house ruled by the Moon prosper and opportunities crop up.

    SN to Moon: melancholy, imagination works overtime creating stress and tension. Family changes may bring upset.

    NN to Mercury: a hectic time with changes in job, environment and communications, usually positive. Travel is also highlighted.

    SN to Mercury: complications in communications, travel and work as your ideas are challenged.

    NN to Venus: need to reassess finances and/or sentimental relationships, a karmic relationship may start too as social life usually increases.

    SN to Venus: careful with money and romance, reassess your priorities if you are in a wrong relationship.

    NN to Mars: pushing physical limits by wanting to do big things, irritability and accident-proneness could result. An exuberant but reckless period overall.

    SN to Mars: mistakes due to carelessness are easy in all sectors and progress seems to be blocked with frustration resulting.

    NN to Jupiter: good for material and financial matters but extra money coming in could also leave as easily.

    SN to Jupiter: sudden expenditures which were not foreseen, risk-taking is dangerous now since you believe you have/can do more than is practicable.

    NN to Saturn: if you have invested time and effort in doing things the right way then this is the moment for reward during which you gain greater stability. Maybe an older person comes into your life as a guide.

    SN to Saturn: restrictions in many areas of life perhaps as a result of weak health or having taken on too many responsibilities in the past.

    NN to Uranus: sudden unexpected events during which anything can happen such as chance meetings or sudden popularity. Interests in technology or meta-physical matters are also possible.

    SN to Uranus: unplanned developments take place so it’s best to be flexible and go with the flow since rigidity could give more impetus to this disruptive vibration.

    NN to Neptune: imagination is stimulated so could be a very creative period. Spirituality is also marked and the intuition is strong.

    SN to Neptune: escapist methods may be tempting (drugs, alcohol etc) and deception and self-illusion may also be possible since your judgement is shaky during this transit.

    NN to Pluto: some significant and permanent change in your life is possible as you face obstacles with an increased inner power. The right time to kick a bad habit permanently.

    SN to Pluto: intense and complicated relationships involving power struggles. Circumstances may force a change in plans, sometimes there is a loss or separation.

    NN to Ascendant: a dynamic moment for personal changes with major transitions often occurring. Positive outlook and personal efforts gain support.

    SN to Ascendant: maybe you would prefer to be invisible for a while as you work through inner changes. Others seem to be calling the shots and your choices seem very limited.

    NN to MC: positive for career recognition or renewed ambitions of a worldly kind but home and family may seem draining at this time. New experiences may involve parents.

    SN to MC: home and family become paramount with less involvement in the career area, less ego and more soul orientation.

    Which houses will the nodes be transiting in your chart? Like to tell?



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