• A cartoon illustration of Zeus with a thunderbolt.


    Jupiter in Virgo was in an exact opposition to Chiron in Pisces yesterday (3rd November 2015) at 17°12’, the effects of this opposition will be in force over the next fifteen days.

    During this time your spiritual and/or cultural values may undergo scrutiny as you may feel obliged to adapt to the expectations or the traditional views of the people in your entourage be this in your personal or professional life. You will probably tend to rely more upon your own faith and truths and you could become extremist in this sense with overstatements and clashes arising with others.

    This may also be a painful time for you during which you could feel offended or upset by someone else’s actions or by some external event in your life in such a way as to feel pushed out of your comfort zone and forced to mature in some way. The pain you feel may also have been set off by memories of childhood hurts which you had pushed into the recesses of your mind in order to not face them. Now is actually an excellent moment at least to recognize, if not deal with, these hurts, a task that will require strength and courage from you to move through them. It may actually be a good idea to ask professional help with this, if compassionate friends are unavailable, and if it becomes too painful for you to handle on your own.

    The challenge is to heal the wounds from the past which may be preventing you from expressing yourself at your best on your life path. It really is a golden opportunity to discover new facets of your personality.

    Which houses does the Virgo/Pisces axis touch in your natal chart? Does is involve any personal planets or angles too? This is where you need faith (Jupiter) in practical help (Virgo) and soul (Pisces) healing (Chiron).