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    The total Lunar Eclipse will occur at 5°25’ Sagittarius (antiscion 24°35’ Capricorn) and will be visible from South East Asia, Australia, North and South America, the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans as well as Antarctica (1).

    A lunar eclipse is like an extra powerful full Moon which highlights the area of our natal chart where we are ready to relinquish long standing habits or patterns. During this time we become more conscious of our urges and how these play out in our lives. New paths and possibilities may also reveal themselves to us at this time through dreams and/or intuitions.

    According to Bernadette Brady, lunar eclipses have a more intimate, emotional manifestation and this particular Lunar Eclipse is part of the 5 North Saros series, the same one as the Solar Eclipse which will take place at 20° Gemini on the 10th of June. It concerns sudden flashes of ideas that seem to have a psychic or unconscious flavour to them and the ideas or hunches that derive from these should be acted upon according to Brady.

    The last Lunar Eclipse at 5° Sagittarius was in 2002 but of a different Saros series.

    What was going on in your life then?

    The Full Moon forms a separating T-square in the Mutable signs to Jupiter, dispositor of this lunation, and newly entered in its night-time sign of Pisces. Sagittarius and Gemini are both signs that are interested in learning and knowledge and are associated with the 9th (Sagittarius) and the 3rd (Gemini) houses. Sagittarius wants to assure that the knowledge is truth, Gemini just wants to collect facts. The apex of the T-square is Jupiter in Pisces perhaps those facts and that truth are in some way distorted and since Pisces is associated with the 12th house there may even be something hidden from our knowledge in the days preceding the lunar eclipse. Or, given the nature of the eclipse we may suddenly have some revelation.

    Dispositor of the Sun is Mercury OOB in its own sign of Gemini, already slowing down to station before turning retrograde at the end of the month. Mercury appears to be separating from a conjunction to Venus also OOB but the two will soon conjoin before Mercury stations retrograde. Quick witted flirtiness, social curiosity, words meant to please or an elegant trickster and with both planets in a square aspect to Neptune the choice is yours!

    Mars is also approaching a trine aspect to Neptune adding a hint of laziness or laissez-faire unless you’re involved in altruistic activities which entail aiding others and in that case you will probably feel spiritually satisfied during this transit.

    With a slight predominance of the Air signs and a definitive swing towards the Mutable signs this is a mentally-alert, easing-going lunation chart with a good mix of empathy and practicality but with not enough intuition or oomph to really get things started (only Moon in Fire).

    Raven Kaldera, in his book “Moon Phase Astrology” calls this the Priest’s Moon, “he who has acquired knowledge through the channel of the sacred texts and traditions that he has learned and who is now ready to dedicated himself to the Truth (as he sees it).”

    On this Moon he suggests “that we reflect about the traditions and beliefs we hold (religious or otherwise) and if we are able to objectively question them. If we think that we hold no fixed beliefs then maybe we could ask our friends if they think that this it true and be ready to listen carefully to their answers about ourselves.”

    Particularly interested in this Full Moon will be those persons with planets or angles between 03-08° of the mutable signs (Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo).

    The Sabian symbol for 6° Sagittarius: “A game of cricket.” Indicating the development of skill in group-situations testing collective goals.

    For its antiscion point 25° Capricorn: “A store filled with precious oriental rugs.” Indicating the use of cultural and artistic processes as a means to enhance personal comfort and appreciation.

    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell


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    Image: myskypie2021