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    Solar eclipse at 19°47’ Gemini (antiscion 10°13’ Cancer) and will be visible as a solar eclipse in parts of Russia, Greenland, and northern Canada. Weather permitting, those in Northern Asia, Europe, and the United States will see a partial eclipse.

    This is a very inquisitive, intellectual Moon, hard to pin down emotionally due to its constantly changing feelings caused by its tendency to over-rationalise everything. Under pressure this Moon is not very reliable and commitment issues may surface. However, the need to communicate so typical of Gemini will be particularly noteworthy during the days preceding the eclipse.

    The lunation chart has no planets in the Fire element, not much starting energy and perhaps a lack of faith in self, there is a strong emphasis on the Mutable modality giving flexibility and a curious nature typical of Gemini.

    Mercury, dispositor of the Solar Eclipse is retrograde in its own sign, it is antiscion Venus giving a softer, more mellow tone to the mental elucubrations we are probably all going through due to the retrograde period. However, the applying square to Neptune by the New Moon could cloud our ideas and muddle up our plans by interfering with the communications and news we receive from the media, so better not to believe everything we hear or read.

    Moon and Venus are both OOB and parallel in declination, working and planning together in a quest for love perhaps a little excessively given the OOB status of both these rather fickle, emotionally charged yet rationally oriented (Moon in Gemini) planets.

    Mars, neither badly or well placed in Cancer (in its own triplicity (good) and fall (bad)) is on the last degree of Cancer, ready to give all or nothing in this watery placement before diving into the fiery sign of Leo.

    We must also take into account the still ongoing square between Saturn and Uranus (exact for the second time on 14th June) which will cause restrictions, responsibility and sudden shocks or surprises which could lead to ground-breaking events all year long.

    This eclipse is in close conjunction with the Sun and Uranus in the chart of the foundation of the Italian Republic (10 June 1946, 6.10 pm Rome), a change of government, a new president? Or perhaps other communiqués regarding the borrowed money (Sun in house 8 (debts), Leo intercepted in 9 (foreign/laws), Uranus in 7/8 (the other-debts), Aquarius intercepted in 3 (communications)). Who knows! In 2002 the Euro became the official currency in Italy (and in the major part of Europe).

    New Moons (Solar eclipses occur only at New Moons) are times when we are invited to set our intentions for the month to come regarding that area of our life which the Moon is illuminating in this lunar phase.

    This Solar Eclipse, like the Lunar Eclipse 15 days ago, belongs to the 5 North Saros series and is a North Node eclipse, which are considered particularly fortunate and according to Bernadette Brady this particular series of eclipse is of a “prophetic nature”.

    The last eclipse at 20° Gemini was in 2002 but of a different Saros series. What was happening in your life then?

    Although of different Saros* series, eclipses occur at similar degrees of the same sign in 19-year cycles as they move in a retrograde motion through the zodiac. Thus, they have effect on the same house polarity in your natal chart (or on any personal planets or angles in Gemini/Sagittarius that fall in a 2°30’ orb for conjunctions, 2° for oppositions, allowing 5° if Sun or Moon is involved).

    The effects of eclipses can be quite unpredictable (a “what-the-heck effect”), sometimes stressing emotions or bringing unexpected events into our lives, at other times they can go seemingly unnoticed. Some astrologers say that the effects of the eclipses manifest for as long as the duration of the eclipse itself, transmuting the minutes of the duration into days.

    Events connected to an eclipse can manifest before or after the event or when a following New Moon or other planet aspects the eclipse degree. You may have noticed events connected with the eclipse around the time the Sun was at 20 Pisces on the 10th of March or when it will be at 20° Virgo on the 13th of September. Mars transits too, should be kept track of, it was at 20° Gemini on 7-8th April and will be at 20° Virgo on the 30-31st August.

    In his book “Moon Phase Astrology”, author Raven Kaldera calls this New Moon “The Little Brother’s Moon” because Gemini is the traditional ruler of the third house that also involves siblings. For Kaldera this Moon phase in Gemini represents “the younger sibling who lives in his mind and not in the physical world since although he is intensely clever, compassion is unknown to him.”

    He continues “on this Moon we indulge our curiosity, the nervous energy associated with it can affect already highly strung people to the point of a nervous breakdown and concentration becomes difficult, so it is more worthwhile to go out with friends rather than stay at home worrying.”

    The Sabian symbol for 20° Gemini: “A modern cafeteria displays an abundance of food, products of various regions.” Indicating the assimilation of multifarious knowledge through the synthesizing power of the mind.

    For the antiscion point at 11° Cancer: “A clown caricaturing well-known personalities.” Indicating the value of humour in developing objectivity and independence of mind.

    “Before forty, you think that exhaustion is something like a long-lasting hangover. But at forty you learn all about it. Even your passions exhaust you.” Kevin Barry


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