• a time for revision before moving on

    Saturn will station retrograde on the 17th of April at 9°09’ Capricorn and return to direct motion at 2°32’ Capricorn on the 5th of September.

    At the start and at the end of each retrograde period the planet gradually slows down almost to a halt. So, if you have planets or angles between 7-11° and 0-5° degrees of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) then these will be particularly affected by Saturn over a period of roughly 15 days at each station. During stationary periods planets seemingly have more impact. The antiscion point of 21° Sagittarius is also noteworthy.

    Capricorn is ruled by Saturn so this no-nonsense, down to business, straight-in-the-face planet is perfectly at ease here.

    In this sign Saturn is a lot about redefining moral behaviour on a personal and public scale, it’s a high achiever aiming at the best and willing to work for it….providing that you are too and if you’re not, well…it could get rather grim as road blocks might appear seemingly from nowhere compelling you to change direction and face facts. The degree of success or changes necessary will obviously depend on Saturn’s natal placement and the aspect it forms with other planets and the aspects they form too, here I’m only talking generally about the planet and its energy in a pure sense.

    When a planet transits through its own sign it is much stronger since it’s in the right role wearing the right costume and it’s looking and feeling good. For this reason I think that those with personal planets in Capricorn in their natal chart are being offered a fantastic opportunity to act out those planets in their true nature since the energy of that planet should be already familiar to them and they can now direct it in the best way possible…providing, of course, that this energy hasn’t been misplaced and needs reforming in some way!

    For the other Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer and Libra) this may be either a very rewarding or a rather trying time…as always it depends on you to direct the energy.

    When Saturn turns retrograde it will slow down the normal speed of everyday things in order for us to be able to develop better procedures and tactics in our lives. Saturn provides us with the rules and regulations with which we guide ourselves, our sense of responsibility and our limits. Saturn defines boundaries, so what better time than its annual retrograde period to determine the possible from the impossible in our lives? Look to the house axis that this retrograde involves.

    In fact, this is an excellent moment to assess and correct any commitments, refine any projects or consider any responsibilities undertaken in the past. Saturn retrograde gives us the opportunity to say NO to the burdens that prove too heavy for us. So during this period, re-assess past responsibilities without taking on any new ones and likewise postpone any possible long-term commitments that might come now until after the retrograde period is over because you might just realize that they are, in fact, too heavy for you.

    During this retrograde you will indeed have the opportunity to renegotiate and review any past activities or commitments that have been a source of frustration for you. Say NO to others if this means a big YES to you!

    In its backwards motion Saturn will make the following aspects in the skies:

    With Mercury: Square 25th April, trine 18th May, opposition 15th June

    With Venus: opposition 26th May, trine 14th July, square 10th August

    With Uranus: square all August and September – learning to compromise between breaking through (Uranus) and renewing (Uranus) old structures (Saturn) or limiting and restricting (Saturn) freedom (Uranus).

    The Sabian symbol for 10° Capricorn: “An albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor.” Indicating the overcoming of fear and its rewards.

    For its antiscion point at 21° Sagittarius: “A child and a dog wearing borrowed eyeglasses.” Indicating the use of imagination and make-believe in anticipating the higher stages of development.

    “The law is only our best approximation of justice, and the law needs constant revision.” Donna Brazile

    Any tales about Saturn in Capricorn that you’d like to share with us?


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