• saturn imageSaturn is now in Sagittarius where it will remain until 2017.

    Sagittarius is the sign of optimism and faith, its ruling planet is Jupiter, the planet of width, he who pushes us to go further, be it mentally or physically. This is the sign of the traveller, the one who loves other cultures and faiths, the seeker of the truth.

    Saturn is the planet of depth, the one who wants to limit, restrict and structure. So, as you can see, they aren’t really easy bed-mates thus we have to find a compromise for them to work well together in our chart.

    Saturn’s sojourn in this sign might cause a spiritual awakening inside of us, helping us gain more clarity and understanding by learning to identify ourselves with our inner guide or higher self and by crystallizing our beliefs in some way. We may even want to leave some habit patterns behind as clarity reigns within us. Or, we may fear being thwarted by questions of faith, by hopelessness or by the incongruities of life or we might even panic about the fear of infiltration in our life by foreign elements (does the EU migrant crisis spring to mind here for you too?).

    After the realms of profundity in Scorpio, the passage of Saturn in Sagittarius is like a new, glossy refined energy, the wise old man is in the sign of the prophet. He will urge us to learn how we might better relate to all things foreign, to learn about tolerance towards others so that new views may come to be regarding religion and perspectives, some people may turn inwards towards traditional religious values whilst others may want to seek alternative ways to express their spirituality. Belief systems and how these fit into the world may well be at the forefront during this transit as will matters concerning tolerance and freedom. Saturn here in Sagittarius will become ever more the exacting keeper of our ideals.

    Saturn’s passage in Sagittarius may indicate the following energies manifesting in your life:

    a struggle to find faith in life resulting in depression if one fails

    issues with moral codes and religion or dogmatic ideas about faith

    a strong sense of right and wrong with feelings of guilt creeping in if you don’t reach your own high standards

    swings of confidence and lack of it

    alternation between optimism and pessimism

    it could also indicate a steady growth towards whatever goal you prefix

    …and it could be an excellent time to dream big with your feet firmly planted on the ground and slowly proceed towards whatever you have in mind


    Saturn will turn retrograde on the 24th of March 2016 at 16°24’ Sagittarius and it will turn direct at 9°46’ Sagittarius on 12th August 2016. For those of you interested in the shadow period of the retrograde (I personally only take into account the shadow periods of the faster planets: Mercury, Venus and Mars) then the retrograde period started on 19th December 2015 and will end on 19th November 2016. At the start and at the end of each (pure) retrograde period the planet gradually slows down almost to a halt and will station first in retrograde motion at 16° then in direct motion at 9° for several days meaning that if you have planets or angles in the mutable signs at 16° or 9° then these will be particularly effected by Saturn over a period of roughly 15 days running at each station.

    When Saturn turns retrograde it will slow down the normal speed of everyday things in order for us to be able to develop better procedures and tactics in our lives. Saturn provides us with the rules and regulations with which we guide ourselves, our sense of responsibility ad our limits. Saturn defines boundaries, so what better time than its annual retrograde period to determine the possible from the impossible in our lives?

    In fact, this is an excellent moment to assess and correct any commitments, refine any projects or consider any responsibilities undertaken in the past. Saturn retrograde gives us the opportunity to say NO to the burdens that prove too heavy for us. So during this period, re-assess past responsibilities without taking on any new ones and likewise postpone any possible long-term commitments that might come now until after the retrograde period is over because you might just realize that they are, in fact, too heavy for you.

    During this retrograde you will indeed have the opportunity to renegotiate and review any past activities or commitments that have been a source of frustration for you. Say NO to others if this means a big YES to you!

    In its backwards motion Saturn will make the following aspects:

    Square Jupiter on the day of its retrograde 24th March (16°), trine Mercury on the 29th March (16°), trine Venus on the 18th April (15°) , square Jupiter on 26th May (13°), square Venus on 4th June (13°), square Neptune 18th June (12°), square Mercury on 20th June (11°), trine  Mercury and Venus on 19/20th July (10°) and square Mercury 6th August (9°).

    In which house is Saturn retrograding in your chart? Have you planets or angles between 16°24’ and 9°46’ of the mutable signs (Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo)? How are you experiencing Saturn in Sagittarius?