• time to move forward with decision leaving the past behind…

    Saturn will end its annual retrograde period on the 28-29th of September stationing direct at 25°20’ Capricorn (antiscion 04°40’ Sagittarius).

    The chart of the station has yet again a heavy Earth/Cardinal signature; moving forward in a practical way. There is a tight square to Saturn from a retrograde Mars hinting at a blockage or at its best slow progress. Venus is simultaneously trine Mars and quincunx Saturn, enjoyment and pleasure are at hand but dare we?

    This is the last time that Saturn will station in Capricorn since it leaves the sign on the 17th December (GMT) to (re)-enter Aquarius. The next time Saturn will enter the sign of Capricorn will be January 2047.

    During this retrograde you will indeed have had the opportunity to renegotiate and review any past activities or commitments that have been a source of frustration for you. Having had a chance to tie up loose ends and finish uncompleted tasks in the matters of the house it is transiting in as well as perhaps having said “NO” to others if this meant a big “YES” for you!

    Contemporary American astrologer, Noel Tyl, writes that the Saturn retrograde is a pause for responsibility, there is a disruption in what ideally is expected in the development process, with a sense of incompleteness.

    This certainly hasn’t been the best period for embarking on new endeavours that require time and long commitment but now all this is changing as the planet slowly speeds up to his normal speed.

    It’s an old astrological saying that if you take care of Saturn in your chart, the rest of your chart will take care of itself. This means that if you are able to grasp the lessons of Saturn—its sign, its house placement and the house it rules then you will have the basis for understanding your whole natal chart. It is also believed that Saturn transits get “easier to handle” with age.

    The Sabian symbol for 26°Capricorn: “A nature spirit dancing in the iridescent mist of a waterfall.” Indicating the ability to perceive the hidden and creative spirit of natural phenomena.

    For the antiscion at 05° Sagittarius: “An old owl sits alone on the branch of a large tree.” Indicating a poised and wise approach to existence based on a clear perception of unconscious factors and their operation.

    “You must welcome change as the rule but not as your ruler.” Denis Waitley

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