• horoscope wheelSaturn in now firmly in Sagittarius where it will remain until 2017.

    Sagittarius is the sign of optimism and faith, its ruling planet is Jupiter, the planet of width, he who pushes us to go further, be it mentally or physically. This is the sign of the traveller, the one who loves other cultures and faiths, the seeker of the truth. Saturn is the planet of depth, the one who wants to limit and restrict, so as you can see they aren’t really easy bed-mates thus we have to find a compromise for them to work well together in our chart.

    Therefore, the next 2.5 years might cause a spiritual awakening inside of us, helping us gain more clarity and understanding by learning to identify ourselves with our inner guide or higher self. We may even want to leave some habit patterns behind as clarity reigns within us.

    After the realms of profundity in Scorpio, the passage of Saturn in Sagittarius is like a new, glossy refined energy, the wise old man is in the sign of the prophet. He will urge us to learn how we might better relate to all things foreign, to learn about tolerance towards others so new views may come to be regarding religion and perspectives, some people may turn inwards towards traditional religious values whilst others may want to seek alternative ways to express their spirituality. Belief systems and how these fit into the world may well be at the forefront during this transit as will matters concerning tolerance and freedom. Saturn here in Sagittarius will become ever more the exacting keeper of our ideals.

    Saturn’s passage in Sagittarius may indicate the following energies:

    a struggle to find faith in life resulting in depression if one fails

    issues with moral codes and religion or dogmatic ideas about faith

    a strong sense of right and wrong with feelings of guilt creeping in if you don’t reach your own high standards

    swings of confidence and lack of it

    alternation between optimism and pessimism

    it could also indicate a steady growth towards whatever goal you prefix

    …and it could be an excellent time to dream big with your feet firmly planted on the ground and slowly proceed towards whatever you have in mind

    Neptune has been in its own sign of Pisces since 2011. Neptune in Pisces is “dignified” which means he’s really at home in this watery ambience. Neptune is all about transcendence, which is, rising above reality and opening up to what lies beyond. Neptune themes include: dissolution of boundaries, mysticism, spirituality, inspiration, delusion, deception and denial so it’s easy to understand that he’s completely at odds with Saturn principles.

    The Saturn-Neptune square is already coming into force and will be in action for the best part of this year and next with 3 exact squares at 7° (26th November 2015), 12° (17th June 2016 with both planets retrograde) and 10° (10th September 2016 with Neptune only still retrograde).

    How might this square play out? Sagittarius and Pisces are both signs governed by Jupiter (Pisces has Neptune and Jupiter as co-rulers) that oversees spirituality in some form, Sagittarius from an external viewpoint whilst Pisces from an interior, more intimate perspective. So, first of all we can expect tension between reality and dreams, structure and amorphousness, pessimism and delusional idealism, practicality and Divine inspiration, being part of this world yet not of it and above all, a profound questioning of our own spiritual beliefs.

    The square aspect, as we’ve seen, is going to be with us for a long time so we need to find a way to work with it, not to see things as black or white, good or bad, this or that but to reach a place where we can hold space for both without polarizing in one direction or the other.

    If we polarize towards Saturn then we may feel depressed, tired and restricted by life’s realities whilst a polarization towards Neptune could lead to addictions, feelings of being a victim and avoidance of dealing with realism.

    A good balance between the two planets could lead us to anchor (Saturn) our dreams (Neptune) into reality (Saturn). In short, Saturn wants to restructure our philosophical outlook setting our minds free to travel beyond known boundaries without the Neptunian delusion urging us to escape into an ungrounded fantasy land. We need to learn what to believe in, as reality could play out on many different levels when we let ourselves explore, allowing ourselves to change the structures of our lives (Saturn) based on new wisdom and insights (Neptune)….so let’s stay flexible as much as we can.

    All personal planets and angles between 2 and 17° Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini and Virgo will be affected under this square so my advice is to look ahead to see when and where our dreams need to have a good foundation.

    On a global level we could see people achieving “prophet” status, gurus and religious leaders could come to the forefront, religious ideals (ISIS) could be in the news a lot during the next year or so. When the square is over perhaps many facts about that seemed undeniable will be shown as false and this could involve not only religion and warfare but also the sciences and medicine. Likewise we may hear of water pollution on a large scale, let’s not forget that Neptune governs poison too!

    In which houses is the square happening in your chart? Does it touch any personal planets or angles?

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