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    After approximately 2.5 years in the philosophical, truth loving sign of Sagittarius, Saturn now enters its home sign of Capricorn.

    The last time Saturn was in Capricorn was from 13/02/88 to 09/06/88 and after a short stay as it retrograded into Sagittarius again, from 12/11/88 to 05/02/91. What was happening in your life then?

    Capricorn is ruled by Saturn so this no-nonsense, down to business, straight-in-the-face planet will be perfectly at ease here.

    In this sign Saturn will be a lot about redefining moral behaviour on a personal and public scale, it’s a high achiever aiming at the best and willing to work for it….providing that you are too and if you’re not, well…it could get rather grim as road blocks might appear seemingly from nowhere compelling you to change direction and face facts. The degree of success or changes necessary will obviously depend on Saturn’s natal placement and the aspect it forms with other planets and the aspects they form too, here I’m only talking generally about the planet and its energy in a pure sense.

    When a planet transits through its own sign it is much stronger since it’s in the right role wearing the right costume and it’s looking and feeling good. For this reason I think that those with personal planets in Capricorn in their natal chart are being offered a fantastic opportunity to act out those planets in their true nature since the energy of that planet should be already familiar to them and they can now direct it in the best way possible…providing, of course, that this energy hasn’t been misplaced and needs reforming in some way!

    For the other Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer and Libra) this may be either a very rewarding or a rather trying time…as always it depends on you to direct the energy.

    I thought it might be a good idea to look deeper into the meanings of this planet and also to explain the Saturn cycle.

    Saturn has an orbit of 28-30 years and stays in each sign approximately 2.5 years. In ancient times and until quite recently (1950’s), in traditional astrology, Saturn was known as the “Greater Malefic” with Mars being the “Lesser Malefic”. With the advent of a more psychological or soul-centred approach to astrology, Saturn has been given more of a “teacher” role albeit often a very strict one too!

    In fact, I believe that most astrologers still look with trepidation to a Saturn transit to the personal planets wondering just how hard it may hit and if preventive measures can be adopted before the transit in an attempt to soften its effects (by looking ahead to which house Saturn is transiting and to which planets or angles it will aspect during this transit).

    Saturn restricts and contracts the area where he is to be found in the natal horoscope, giving structure and form which require effort and responsibility. In this way we can learn to develop a sense of personal worth based on experience and gain wisdom through the structured application of knowledge. It rewards hard work and endeavour. However, in its negative manifestation we may experience Saturn as limitation, restriction, pessimism, loss, depression and a general sense of inadequacy.

    The house where Saturn is to be found in the birth chart denotes the area in our life where we are unsure about our abilities or where, for some reason, we show fear or inadequacy.

    Let’s have a quick look at the possible effects of Saturn transiting the houses:

    1st house: my appearance and how I present myself to other, often a great time to enter a weight-losing programme

    2nd house: my money and self-esteem, what I value

    3rd house: networking and communications

    4th house: my family and life style

    5th house: my talents, lovers and children

    6th house: my diet, fitness and health, daily routine

    7th house: my interactions with the other

    8th house: financial loans, insurance, inheritance, taxes, resources I share with others

    9th house: my religion, philosophy, long journeys, ideals and study

    10th house: my public status

    11th house: my dreams, my friendships, sharing

    12th house: coming to terms with my failures and accepting my limits

    Saturn transits to its own natal position or to the personal planets in a natal chart, always denote change in some way. With the first Saturn return (to its own natal position) taking place between 28-30 years of age, a moment in life when we should know where we are going and how to get there, the second Saturn return at ages 58-60 should see us preparing for retirement or at least slowing down our work schedule to dedicate more time to our personal satisfaction. Intervals of approximately seven years when Saturn squares, opposes and then squares again any given point in the natal theme can also be scrutinized since the same themes but with a different twist will also re-present themselves in our lives at these times.

    A retrograde natal Saturn will slow down or delay until later in life the promises of that particular position, it may also indicate problems with the father figure (if aspects to the natal Sun are involved) or vacillating between being capable of handling the affairs of the house where Saturn is to be found and not knowing how to deal with them.

    During its long stay in Capricorn, Saturn will make two major aspects:

    Conjunct transiting Pluto at 22°50’ Capricorn on 14th January 2020

    And will be conjoined by transiting Jupiter at 24°53’ Capricorn on 5th April 2020

    “… what you think is right isn’t the same as knowing what is right.”  E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

    Got any plans for Saturn in Capricorn?



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    Image: Capricorn Astrology Painting Goat with Saturn Zodiac by tessimal

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    Hello , I love Saturn and appreciate his harsh leasons that are for our own good. I'm Gemini and his just finishing up in my 7th house from the last 2.5 most difficult years I've faced in my 40 years of life. Please a quick question if I may. SAturn enters the sign Capricorn 20th DEC 2017, so on your natal birth chart if you have Saturn in capricorn in in one of your houses, or Capricorn in any of your Venus or mars etc will Saturn be directly effecting you in those particular placements in your birth chart that you have Capricorn in,? Thankyou so much to take the time to respond. I'm very spiritual and I follow trines, know a lot about Saturn and astrology. But still a lot more to learn. Very interesting. Very accurate and its almost as though Saturn is the higher power off all people ,,(like God) astrology is also like a religion. I have studied a lot about Saturn and by using your personised birth chart you can see a very accurate maped out fate of how your lived path is destined. Very interesting. Thankyou

    Hi Jodilee, Yes, Saturn’s passage in Capricorn will affect the houses which have Saturn on their cusp and of course any planets therein (as well as the other Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer and Libra) but those with natal planets in Capricorn should have got a handle on the Capricorn energy so this Saturn transit should be easier for them to handle. Warmest wishes, Lynn