• Saturn in PiscesSATURN ENTERS PISCES

    Less than an hour after, and opposite the sign of the Full Moon in Virgo, the planet of rules, regulations, boundaries and restriction enters the sign of the vague, the emotional, the impressionable, the self-indulgent and the boundary-less.

    A cold, dry, masculine, diurnal planet in a cold, moist, female and nocturnal sign.

    A sign in which Saturn enjoys minor dignity between 0-10° and 26-30°.

    This transit will begin on March 7th this year and continue until the 25th of May 2025 when it will enter Aries for a 4-month stay before re-entering Pisces on 1st September until 14th February 2026.

    When a planet first enters a sign, we feel a surprise as the energy changes and then emerges. During the middle degrees of the transit, we learn how to cope with this now, no longer, new energy and in the late degrees the energy peaks and pulls out its final traits.

    Particularly interested in this long transit will be those persons having planets or angles in the Mutable signs of Gemini (square), Virgo (opposition), Sagittarius (square) and Pisces (conjunction).

    Saturn is the planet of reality and identity unfoldment when we need to keep our eyes on the ball and not lose ourselves in unrealisable projects and life plans as we navigate a life-time process of self-understanding. Often, especially when we are younger, that reality can really hit us hard because Saturn wants concrete and visible results.

    The last time two times Saturn was in Pisces was between March 1964 to March 1967 (with a 3-month return to Aquarius during the last three months of 1964) and between May 1993 and April 1996 (again backtracking into Aquarius between July 1993 and end January 1994).

    What was happening in your life then?

    During its stay in Aquarius, Saturn was more about looking forward to see how the structures it defined during its stay in Capricorn might be rebuilt using new techniques in order to improve upon the old-and-known. Saturn in Aquarius desired success and acknowledgement but the need for approval from others was less marked and not so much the all-or-nothing of the Capricorn placement. Saturn, however, might have found difficulty opening up and expanding boundaries in Aquarius.

    When Saturn transited the social and humanitarian sign of Aquarius we expected more tolerance towards those and that which is different, acceptance that “right and correct” might come in various formats and give the same results. Social media too has been much under scrutiny during the planet’s sojourn in Aquarius with attempts (not particularly successful) to discern how to put order and authenticity into the news transmitted by this kind of media. Part of this attitude was due to the fact that Saturn in gregarious Aquarius may have an innate fear of loneliness and instead of taking an “all for me” stance could manifest in generously giving to others in order to feel part of the clan or to create a clan of its own based on mis-concepts of what was good for the world on a whole. Concepts and ideas have been more important than the factual and the material, a new order of “order” was tested but still needs to develop in a completely different way from the one already known and practised, we realise now that this was a sort of trial run attempting to lay down rules that Pluto’s imminent ingress in Aquarius will subsequently implement and set in stone.

    Pisces is known for its fervid imagination and intuitive compassion, it is also the sign of being gullible and goal-less, these two qualities being totally at odds with Saturn themes. Pisces, brings to mind the victim and the martyr syndrome, as well as the escapist and the emotionally fragile which are themes almost ignored by Saturnian ambition and desire to lead.

    In Pisces, the Saturnian “rigidity” and “sternness” might feel uncomfortable and the terror of losing oneself in chaos or in the incomprehensible could become very real. Abandoning boundaries and letting oneself “go” are definitely not Saturnian concepts. On the other hand, Saturn in Pisces could lead to a sort of compulsive self-sacrifice connected to deep feelings of guilt. Perhaps the secret of Saturn in Pisces is learning or accepting to be humble.

    Saturn in Pisces could show up in many situations, here’s just a few:

    Scepticism regarding esoteric and astrological practices could become rife (the infamous Pendle Witch trial was held in 1612 in England when Saturn was in Pisces), to believe, Saturn needs proof of a tangible nature, however, on the flip side with this placement many could begin (again) to search for that tangibility in subjects that in themselves have little or no tangibility. Dreams too could be under scrutiny. Or new rules and regulations could be implemented to regulate workers belonging to the astrological and esoteric worlds.

    Saturn and water, there might be a scarcity of water or a restriction of the use of water for some countries during the planet’s stay here. Or new rules on how to economise the use of water may come into force. (Saturn was in Pisces during the worst drought ever in Northern China and India in the years 1876-79 and again during the American Dust Bowl disaster caused by long-lasting drought in 1935).

    Fishing may be regulated too with the banning or curtailing of the huge fishing boats that wander the seas in search of food and further deplete the ever-decreasing supplies. This could also apply to all types of sea transport with a reduction in the size/capacity of sea-faring vessels.

    Art will also take on a more tangible form so perhaps less music and poetry and more handiwork, sculpture, and architecture. This is the Saturn that puts boundaries on Neptunium art forms.

    Compassion will be more “hands on” than just pure empathy and muttering “I feel for you”. Practical ways to aid people in need will be on the uprise again as any kind of pragmatic method requires to be mixed with kindness.

    I thought it might be a good idea to look deeper into the meanings of this planet and also to explain the Saturn cycle.

    Saturn has an orbit of 28-30 years and stays in each sign approximately 2.5 years. In traditional astrology, Saturn was known as the “Greater Malefic” with Mars being the “Lesser Malefic”. With the advent of a more psychological or soul-centred approach to astrology, Saturn has been given more of a “teacher” role albeit often a very strict one too!

    In fact, I believe that most astrologers still look with trepidation to a Saturn transit to the personal planets wondering just how hard it may hit and if preventive measures can be adopted before the transit in an attempt to soften its effects (by looking ahead to which house Saturn is transiting and to which planets or angles it will aspect during this transit). Bracing yourself so to speak!

    Saturn restricts and contracts the area where he is to be found in the natal horoscope, giving structure and form which require effort and responsibility. In this way we can learn to develop a sense of personal worth based on experience and gain wisdom through the structured application of knowledge. It rewards hard work and endeavour and can therefore be a very rewarding transit during which our hard work will be rewarded and confidence restored. However, in its negative manifestation we may experience Saturn as limitation, restriction, pessimism, loss, depression and a general sense of inadequacy.

    However, when Saturn touches a personal planet or angle it carries a theme with it. So, not always the exact same events crop up but they do have a similar theme or pattern with them. Check back to the last time Saturn hit any personal planets or points and check this for yourself!

    The house where Saturn is to be found in the birth chart denotes the area in our life where we are unsure about our abilities or where, for some reason, we show fear or inadequacy.

    Let’s have a quick look at the possible effects of Saturn transiting the houses:

    1st house: my appearance and how I present myself to other, often a great time to enter a weight-losing programme.

    2nd house: my money and self-esteem, what I value.

    3rd house: networking and communications.

    4th house: my family and life-style.

    5th house: my talents, lovers and children.

    6th house: my diet, fitness and health, daily routine.

    7th house: my interactions with the other.

    8th house: financial loans, insurance, inheritance, taxes, resources I share with others.

    9th house: my religion, philosophy, long journeys, ideals and study.

    10th house: my public status.

    11th house: my dreams, my friendships, sharing.

    12th house: coming to terms with my failures and accepting my limits.

    Saturn transits to its own natal position or to the personal planets in a natal chart, always denote change in some way. With the first Saturn return (to its own natal position) taking place between 28-30 years of age, a moment in life when we should know where we are going and how to get there, the second Saturn return at ages 58-60 should see us preparing for retirement or at least slowing down our work schedule to dedicate more time to our personal satisfaction. Intervals of approximately seven years when Saturn squares (events seem to come from nowhere and need to be dealt with), opposes (we might be able to anticipate which sector of our life we need to address in order to find a compromise) and then squares again any given point in the natal theme can also be scrutinized since the same themes but with a different twist will also re-present themselves in our lives at these times.

    “Order provides the stabilities that we crave, but chaos creates the opportunities for change that we need. […] Those who are waiting for internal order will be the subjects of external chaos, those who yield to internal chaos will be the architects of a new order.”  T.J. Kirk



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