• On the 28th of January, Venus, the planet of love, romance, harmony and values, glided in to the sign of Pisces, the sign of its exaltation, where Neptune, Pisces ruler, has been transiting since April 2011. From the 30th of January to the 3rd of February these two planets will be cuddling up real close.

    What might that mean?

    That we may be lost in a realm of fantasy, washed over by feelings of love and happiness, dreaming of a lottery win, happy in the company of all and capable of seducing all! If only…

    If only Saturn in Sagittarius wasn’t glaring (oops, squaring) these two. Saturn disapproves of day dreaming he’ll be wearing his “What the heck are you two up to” look. Just enough to take the fun out of anything and everything.

    The good part of this aspect may be:

    giving form (Saturn) to your delightful (Venus) dreams (Neptune) to make them reality (Saturn)

    dissolving (Neptune) the boundaries (Saturn) of your romantic, monetary, love (Venus) limits (Saturn) to find a new way of looking at these (Sagittarius)

    softening (Neptune) your rigid (Saturn) opinions (Sagittarius) to obtain a more harmonious (Venus) view of life (Sagittarius)

    A less enlightening way might be:

    being rigid (Saturn) about your beliefs/opinions (Sagittarius) to the extent that you lose your ability to dream (Neptune) about the good things in life (Venus)

    Venus will leave the conjunction with Neptune after a few days but the Neptune-Saturn square will continue for most of this year and will affect the first decanate of the mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. So if you have natal planets or angles in the first 10 degrees of these signs then you will more than likely feel the effects (Saturn boundaries versus Neptune boundary-less) over the year as they touch your sensitive zodiacal points.

    Mars has been in Pisces since the 12th of January which at its best indicates compassionate energy and at its worst scattered energy.

    Venus will join up with Mars from the 12th to the 16th of January to form a couple and this will certainly give the opposite sex some allure for those Mars (Aries and Scorpio) and Venus (Taurus and Libra) ruled people. You’ll probably be going “hunting” as a matter of fact!

    Mars will leave Pisces on the 20th February and Venus on the 21st.

    Are you feeling the effects of these transits? Care to share your experiences?