• Are we shining too much?

    There will be a New Moon and a partial Solar Eclipse at 18°42’ Leo (antiscion 11°18’ Taurus) on the 11th of August. This will be the third of the summer eclipses and the last one for this year.

    The partial solar eclipse will be visible from northern and eastern Europe, northern parts of North America, and some northern and western locations in Asia, making it the most watched solar eclipse of 2018, weather permitting, of course.

    The last time there was a solar eclipse at 18° Leo was on the 11th August 1999. What was happening in your life then?

    We have six planets retrograde at the moment (Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) and we also have six planets in the fixed sign modality…that’s a lot of stubborn, inward energy for you.

    Mars as well as being retrograde and far OOB in the Southern declination is, by sign, opposing the Leo stellium (Sun, Moon, Mercury and the lunar nodes) and situated at 0° Aquarius, preparing to back into Capricorn the sign of his exaltation thus again holding company (by sign) with Pluto R at 19° and Saturn R at 3°….it’s a wayward triplet in a no-nonsense, action-oriented sign. Such energy is best used for doing good and not trying to overpower others for the sake of our own ambitions.

    Mercury R, Sun and Moon are all square to Jupiter in Scorpio, the public me (Leo)needs to reach a compromise with the darker, more private side(Scorpio) of ourselves as personal creativity (Sun and Leo) and ideas (Mercury) might be spoilt by too much (Jupiter) emotional (Moon) frustration (Scorpio). Interesting to note along these lines of “too much” (Jupiter) and “me” (Sun) that Jupiter and Sun are contra-parallel by declination during this eclipse (acting like a sort of opposition which adds extra “power” or importance to the longitudinal square).

    New Moons are said to bring fresh beginnings to the part of our natal chart (house) where they fall and even more so if they make a conjunction or an opposition to a planet (1-2° orb, up to 5° for the personal Sun or Moon), in this case, in either Leo or Aquarius. Given that it is also an Eclipse we should also consider planets/angles in the other fixed signs of Taurus and Scorpio.

    In his book “Moon Phase Astrology”, author Raven Kaldera describes this moon as the

    “Sun Child’s Moon”

     a creature of smiling, radiant light. The people born under this moon phase in Leo have a tremendous zest for life and love to be looked at, making people gasp and drop their jaws as they charm the pants off them!

    The Sun and Moon in Leo are on the 5-11th axis in the traditional zodiac wheel, so, individuality vs group activity, autocrat vs democrat etc.

    According to Bernadette Brady, renowned astrologer(2) the effects of solar eclipses are more external and deal with events that surround the person, that is, they bring in events that we ourselves have not precipitated. Eclipses are spotlights that shine on our life-path, they catch you in mid-action illuminating that area of your life (house) in which they occur. Whatever has been shoved aside or ignored will turn up for your attention and this could be experienced as dramatic and emotional whilst at the same time giving you the opportunity to deal with it, or not. It depends entirely on you.

    Brady has classified the eclipses in the Saros cycle into precise characteristics according to the planetary configurations present as the moment the eclipse was born (for those interested in learning more about this please consult her book which I’ve included in the reference section).

    This particular Eclipse belongs to the 2 New North Saros series and Brady describes this as follows: “This eclipse family changes a person’s direction through the sudden collapse of an existing structure.”

    Often however, manifestations regarding the eclipses do not occur at or around the actual date of the eclipse but are usually triggered by a planet transiting this point (19° Leo). Some planets have already crossed this degree and some will do so shortly:

    Mercury (direct) crossed this point on 15-16th July, went back over it in retrograde motion on 5-6th August and will cross again in direct motion on the 30th of August.

    The Sun will square the Eclipse point from Scorpio on the 10-11th of November.

    So let’s remember the above dates if our chart is heavily involved in the eclipse degree.

    The Sabian symbol for 19° Leo: “A houseboat party.” Indicating the enjoyment of temporary freedom from rigidly structured social behaviour.

    For the antiscion at 12° Taurus: “A young couple window-shopping.” Indicating the fascination of the youthful ego with the products of its culture.

    “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”  Pablo Picasso

    Where will the eclipse fall in your chart and will it make contacts with any planets or angles?


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    Image: solar eclipse photo