• ….a suddenly serious mood

    Mercury barges out of Sagittarius with the usual bluntness and awkwardness that often characterises his sojourn there and bounces into Capricorn. The planet went OOB just before his ingress in Capricorn and will maintain his wild-card characteristic until the 18th January when he inbounds once again. After fun-loving Sagittarius this will certainly hit him with force, dampening his mood and deepening his thoughts and encouraging all of us to think, plan and talk in a much more serious fashion but let’s not lose our sense of humour altogether please!

    Proceeding thus with caution, Mercury’s first important encounter is a square to fiery Mars in his home sign of Aries (5°) on 8th January giving us the power to skilfully make decisions but also some irritability and perhaps verbal confrontations.

    The next planet Mercury encounters is Saturn (13°) in Capricorn on the 13th of January, critical thinking and depth of thought could lead to a bout of pessimism as doubts about our own intellect could surface.

    On the 18th a conjunction with Pluto (21°) could enhance our powers of persuasion as thoughts deepen but beware of obsessive thinking and intolerance.

    Mercury sextile Neptune (14°) on the 21st heightens our creativity and imagination but could lead to wishful thinking, thoughtlessness and deception.

    The last contact of Mercury during its stay in Capricorn will be a square to Uranus in Aries (29°) a flurry of new ideas and ways to forge ahead as the planet enters the genius sign of Aquarius.

    Do you find your thoughts less carefree now?

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