• OOB FULL MOON IN CANCERFull Moon in Cancer

    the mooniest Moon….

    The Full Moon occurs at 4°58’ in the sign Cancer, a Cardinal, Water sign. The antiscion point is 25°02’ Gemini.

    The most motherly of Moons opposes the sternest and most fatherly of Suns. The OOB Moon is separating from an easy trine aspect to Saturn in Pisces and applying a sextile to Jupiter R in Taurus, likewise the Sun is separating from a sextile to Saturn and applying a trine to Jupiter R. The time for a little bit of introspection (Moon separating from a sextile to Saturn) in order to channel our energies towards our goals (Sun separating from a trine to Saturn) is now behind us and we can look forward to a sense of well-being (Moon applying a trine to Jupiter R) as we feel more confident about life and examine our future goals (Sun applying a sextile to Jupiter R). Seemingly a good omen as we approach the end of this year and the beginning of the next.

    However, the Moon, fully dignified in its own sign and apt to having its own way with its OOB status in a very high Northern declination (28°08’), is opposite a peregrine Sun in Capricorn, a sign in which the Moon is in detriment. Although in aspect to both Saturn and Jupiter with Saturn ruling the Sun, the Sun can’t count on any help from either planet since neither have receptions with Sun in their actual placements. All this could indicate that head (Sun) and heart (Moon) could fail to find the compromise that oppositions often represent, each one going its own way regardless. On a mundane level Sun indicates leaders/governments and Moon the people.

    Mercury R is applying a partile square aspect to Neptune, lies, deceptions and unclear facts as well as faulty intuition are still the order of the day especially so now that Venus is separating from a trine aspect to Neptune and everything seems to have taken on a rosy hue. Pluto now on the final (anaretic) degree of Capricorn is in an all-or-nothing mode as institutions, redundant traditions and outdated leaders continue to fail and fall. OOB Mars together with Sun and Pluto (the latter two planets are not OOB but on the same 23° South) are all parallel by declination, a real force to be reckoned with. A battle of egotistic beliefs which is already causing huge losses as powers/people clash and quarrel.

    The Modalities in the lunation chart are well balanced whilst the Elements not so. There is a total lack of planets in the Air Element and only 2 planets in the Fire Element. Planning ahead and being flexible by using our intuition is certainly not going to be easy over the next 15 days and tunnel vision may be the predominant feature until the next New Moon.

    Capricorn restricts and down-sizes and this could bring out the worst of Cancer characteristics making us retreat into shells as we cling to the familiar.

    In traditional astrology this lunation involves the 4th-10th house (Cancer-Capricorn) axis so matters involving home vs work, private vs public, fluidity vs rigidity etc.

    Full Moons are also known to be times when things climax, when we decide that enough is enough for certain aspects of our life because we avert an intensified conflict between two major areas of our life and we need to find a way to honour both. They shine a light on the area that is “hidden” and in this case all matters concerning the 4th house and the sign of Cancer. This is certainly more evident when the Full Moon closely aspects any personal planets or angles in your chart and it also depends on the houses involved in your individual chart.

    According to Raven Kaldera in his book “Moon Phase Astrology” this is the “Sea Mother’s Moon” and he suggests that this is the perfect time to go outside and greet the Moon or, failing this, to be near the sea. He further speculates “this is the most Lunar Moon, the Sea Mother fluctuates like the tides at sea, one moment motherly the next deadly. She is an all-giving Moon yet sometimes she withholds for no apparent reason. Our best tactic is to love her and stand in awe at her beautifulness whilst trying very hard not to offend her.”

    The Sabian symbols for this lunation are:

    Full Moon at 05° Cancer: “At a railroad crossing an automobile is wrecked by a train.” Indicating the tragic results which are likely to occur when the individual’s will pits itself carelessly against the power of the collective will of society.

    For the antiscion point at 26° Gemini: “Frost covered trees against winter skies.” Indicating the revelation of archetypal form and essential rhythm of existence.

    For the Sun at 05° Capricorn: “Indians on the warpath, while some men row a well-filled canoe, others in it perform a war dance.” Indicating the mobilisation of physical and emotional energies in a spirit of conquest.

    “Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of extreme liberty.” Plato

    Where’s this Full Moon falling in your chart?


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