On the 17-18 January (depending on where you find yourself in the world) there will be an OOB Full Moon at 27°50’ Cancer (antiscion 2°10’ Gemini), nurturing qualities could be at their best or, on the contrary, at their worst. The Full Moon will occur only a few hours before the direct station of Uranus and the entrance of the Lunar nodes on the Taurus-Scorpio axis.

    Full Moons are when matters climax, they are “now or never” moments regarding any projects we have initiated or intentions we have set at the preceding New Moon fourteen days ago.

    The Sun is pairing up in a separating aspect with Pluto in Capricorn opposing the Moon in Cancer egoistic ambition is at odds with strong emotions and sentiments that probably no longer serve us well. Both the Moon and Mars are OOB and so more than able to give the best or the worst of their characteristics. Venus and Mercury are parallel by declination as are the Sun and the South Lunar Node. The aforesaid planets are all ruled by Saturn in the lunation chart whilst the South Node is ruled by Jupiter, now in dignity in the sign of Pisces. Could we read as our spirits being dampened (Sun//SN) and any sweetness of thoughts or words has a very dry taste to it (Mercury//Venus)?

    The lunation chart itself has, yet again, a heavy Earth signature with only Mars in a Fire sign, moving forward however practical our plans might be, could be an enormous endeavour. The Modalities are nevertheless well-balanced.

    The Moon is also defined as Void-of-Course in traditional astrology, indicating that this could indeed be a time of waiting before acting or a “do-nothing” moment…which may be exactly what we need in this moment of uncertainty.

    This Full Moon falls on the traditional 10th-4th axis, work vs home, public vs private, one parent vs another, rigidity vs flexibility etc. It will have major impact on those with planets or angles between 24-30° of the Cardinal signs of Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aries

    In his book “Moon Phase Astrology”, author Raven Kaldera calls this the “Sea Mother’s Moon”, he recognizes it as a capricious Moon that contemporarily loves and loathes.

    The Sabian symbol for 28° Cancer: “An Indian girl introduces her white lover to her assembled tribe.” Indicating inner rebirth through a total acceptance of the primordial values manifest in the human body and its natural functions.

    For the antiscion at 3° Gemini: “The garden of Tuileries in Paris.” Indicating the formalisation of collective ideals through the application of reason and order to newly discovered aspects of nature.

    “In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.”  Eleanor Roosevelt


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    Artwork: myskypie2022