• Full Moon in CancerOOB FULL MOON IN CANCER

    the mooniest Moon….

    The Full Moon will occur at 16°21’ Cancer, a Cardinal, Water sign (antiscion 13°39’ Gemini) and will be the first Full Moon of this new year.

    The most motherly of Moons opposes the sternest and most fatherly of Suns.

    Capricorn restricts and downsizes, and this could bring out the worst of Cancer characteristics making us retreat into our shells as we cling to the familiar. Let’s remember that we need our Earth qualities in order to remain grounded, but we also need give space to our fantasies if we want them to fly. As always, oppositions in astrology, indicate the need to find a compromise.

    With a heavy Earth and Cardinal signature the year does indeed seem to set off with a sense of practicality and the energy necessary for getting things done.

    Moon is applying an opposition to retrograde Mercury in Capricorn and in a separating sextile aspect to Uranus, also retrograde. Great ideas on a pragmatic level (Mercury R in Capricorn) might be put forward by the establishments (Sun conjunct Mercury R and //Pluto), some rather unusual (Uranus R in Taurus, perhaps regarding finances with Mercury//Venus), however, emotionally, they don’t seem right and/or are managed in a totally out-of-kilter way (OOB Moon).

    Saturn is still//South Node, the past seems comfy and safe but the c// to Uranus indicates that a brusque awakening could be around the corner.

    In traditional astrology this lunation involves the 4th-10th house (Cancer-Capricorn) axis so matters involving home vs work, private vs public, fluidity vs rigidity etc.

    Full Moons are also known to be times when things climax, when we decide that enough is enough for certain aspects of our life because we avert an intensified conflict between two major areas of our life and we need to find a way to honour both. They shine a light on the area that is “hidden” and in this case all matters concerning the 4th house and the sign of Cancer. This is certainly more evident when the Full Moon closely aspects any personal planets or angles in your chart and it also depends on the houses involved in your individual chart.

    According to Raven Kaldera in his book “Moon Phase Astrology” this is the “Sea Mother’s Moon” and he suggests that this is the perfect time to go outside and greet the Moon or, failing this, to be near the sea. He further speculates “this is the most Lunar Moon, the Sea Mother fluctuates like the tides at sea, one moment motherly the next deadly. She is an all-giving Moon yet sometimes she withholds for no apparent reason. Our best tactic is to love her and stand in awe at her beautifulness whilst trying very hard not to offend her.”

    The Sabian symbols for this lunation are:

    Moon at 17° Cancer: “The unfoldment of multilevel potentialities issuing from an original germ.” Indicating the life urge to actualise one’s birth potential.

    For the antiscion at 14° Gemini: “Bridging physical space and social distinctions, two men communicate telepathically.” Indicating the capacity to transcend the limitations of bodily existence.

    For the Sun at 17° Capricorn: “A repressed woman finds a psychological release in nudism.” Indicating the escape from bondage to social inhibitions and a reliance upon the wisdom of the body.

    “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes, sweat, determination and hard work” C. Powell

    Where’s this Full Moon falling in your chart and what is coming to the surface for you?


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