• New Moon in VirgoNEW MOON IN VIRGO

    the devil is in the details but so is salvation

    There will be a New Moon at 21°59’ Virgo (antiscion 08°01’ Aries) on the 14-15th of this month depending upon where you find yourself in the world. The New Moon occurs almost to the minute at the same degree as its dispositor Mercury’s station to retrograde on the 23rd of August. Mercury is presently almost stationary before its direct station which will occur only 19 hours after this lunation at 08°00’ Virgo which in turn is in a tight opposition to the degree of the Saturn station to retrograde at 07°12’ Pisces in June.

    Virgo Moons want to get things done in the most practical and neatest way, that could be one of the reasons that they are prone to worry…not meeting their own (high) standards.

    The New Moon is again part of a wide Grand Earth trine involving Uranus R conjunct Jupiter R both in Taurus and Pluto R in Capricorn. An opposition to Neptune R in Pisces from the lunation itself activates this Grand Trine surely causing doubts or even deception in trusting the details without seeing the bigger picture. Especially with Sun c//Neptune and the lunation itself conjunct Fixed Star Denebola which according to Robson brings “final disgrace and ruin” – as matters stand at the moment this may actually be the case for a well-known American politician who has his Gemini Sun at 22°55’ and Sagittarius Moon at 21°12’ now both under a tight square aspect from the New Moon on the cusp of his second house. His natal Sun is in his 10th house (public status) and rules his 12th (imprisonment, self-undoing) and his natal Moon is in his 4th (the end of the matter, home, father etc) and Cancer is intercepted in his 11th which might indicate that his friends won’t be stepping up to help. The lunation on the cusp of is 2nd house involves matters like money, movable assets and self-esteem. However, forming a Mutable T-Square as the lunation does to his natal planets then this person might find an ingenious way of wiggling out of all this!

    Only one planet each in Air (Mars) and Fire (Venus) element don’t give much leeway for planning ahead or even being able to start. 5 planets in the Mutable modality do however allow some flexibility in plan changing. However, the chart pattern is a See Saw with all the slower moving planets (all retrograde) on one part of the chart and the faster moving ones on the other (Venus, Mercury, Moon, Sun and Mars). This type of chart usually indicates a to and fro of action between the two hemispheres of the chart involved.

    The house axis involved in this lunation is the 6th-12th, Virgo-Pisces involving such matters as discrimination vs universality, order vs chaos and criticism vs compassion. The New Moon will involve those persons with planets/angles between 19-24° of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces).

    New Moons are times when the Sun and Moon are conjoined in the identical degree of the same sign and this causes the Moon to remain hidden from our view.

    It’s a great moment to set intentions for the coming month regarding the matters of the house where it falls in our natal chart. These lunations can be seen as moments of “seeding”.

    Astrologer Raven Kaldera calls this the “Maiden’s Moon” during which we are invited to search solace in solitude rather than desperately trying to fill the room with other auras.

    The Sabian symbol for 22° Virgo: “A royal coat of arms enriched with precious stones.” Indicating the certification of aristocratic status, at whatever level “nobility” expresses itself in cultural eminence.

    For the antiscion at 09° Aries: “A crystal gazer.” Indicating the development of an inner realisation of organic wholeness.

    Where does this New Moon fall in your chart?


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