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    On Monday there will be a new moon at 26°56’ of Taurus. In his book “Moon Phase Astrology” author Raven Kundera calls this moon “The Dryad’s Moon”. He describes this moon as “a form closest to nature as is possible for humankind to get”. It’s a very intuitive moon where words are superfluous and “touch” all important, in a word: “sensuality”. Also with Taurus being ruled by Venus it’s easy to see that it’s also about comfort, harmony and love. In the traditional zodiac Taurus is associated with the 2nd house so this New Moon will have a 2nd-8th house axis emphasis (as well as the house meaning where it actually falls in your chart) which could mean possessions, taxes, sex and all the things that you value and that you share with others.

    The house in your natal chart where this Taurus New Moon falls, will be under scrutiny for the next month and will be even more so if that house contains any planets that fall within 2 or so degrees of the New Moon or are aspected by it. Depending on the planets and the aspects it makes, this New Moon could also mean an increase in your possessions (money) is some way since New Moons also signify new beginnings. Since Taurus is also a fixed earth sign it may make you slower in decision making or you might have to wait for decisions to mature in some way.

    Where does the Taurus New Moon fall in your chart?