• New Moon in ScorpioNEW MOON IN SCORPIO

    Emotions run deep….

    There will be a New Moon at 20°44’ Scorpio (antiscion 09°16’ Aquarius), the first New Moon of five occurring at 20° of their relative signs over the next months.

    Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio is also in this sign and is undergoing a close applying conjunction from the New Moon.

    Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio, is sextile by sign but not by degree to the Sun-Moon duo.

    The New Moon itself, in close applying proximity to Mars as already mentioned above is also applying an opposition to Uranus R and a trine to Neptune R. A lot of deep-seated rage (Mars and New Moon in Scorpio) is bubbling under the surface and could explode in unexpected and ferocious bursts (Uranus R) throwing us out of our comfort zone (Uranus in Taurus) and scattering (Neptune) its energy (Sun-Moon-Mars) probably away from its real target and into surrounding areas.

    The above is further emphasised by the c// between Saturn and Jupiter R, the former known for its restrictions, the latter for its expansive nature and with Saturn now being ruled by Jupiter there may be a lack of knowledge or desire to put that restrictive nature to good use in a tug-of-war that neither seem to be able to win or come to a compromise about. However, in Pisces, the Saturnian “rigidity” and “sternness” might feel uncomfortable and the terror of losing oneself in chaos or in the incomprehensible could become very real. Jupiter in Taurus on the other hand is security oriented, optimistic and sure of itself, we need to find a comfort zone which allows us to acknowledge the risks whilst moving forward with optimism.

    In the lunation chart Jupiter and Saturn are in a sextile aspect by sign only and not by degree. In longitude, sextiles are a more flowing type of energy but a // or c// in declination overrides the longitudinal aspect and the c// corresponds to a sort of opposition aspect and this is of course a completely different type of energy than the sextile.

    Mercury is also // Pluto and this could lead to obsessive thoughts and plans being put into bad use since Mercury is also ruled by Jupiter in the lunation chart and is about to go OOB in just two days time.

    With only one planet each in the Earth and Air signs there seems to be a lack of practicality and ability to plan ahead and this is also confirmed by the 5 planets in the Fixed Modality which tend to keep matters as they are.

    Scorpio is a Fixed, Water sign which deals with emotions and feelings on a deep level, therefore on this New Moon we should feel encouraged to seed any new projects with the right amount of fervour and commitment if we wish to see them manifest during the month to come. It would also be wise not to include emotional blackmail and desire to win at all costs as part of our intentions.

    New Moons are the time when we are encouraged to set our intentions for the month to come regarding the house where it falls in our natal charts.

    This New Moon will be on the Scorpio/Taurus axis (two fixed signs, the first Water the second Earth) which corresponds to the 8th-2nd houses in traditional astrology: what others value vs what I value, wanting to tear down the known to make room for new things vs wanting to maintain the status quo, what I share with others vs what I want for myself, emotional storms vs calm, temptation vs security etc.

    It will be particularly important for people with planets or angles in this and the other fixed signs of Aquarius, Taurus and Leo (keep orbs to 2° and less) giving more importance to conjunctions and oppositions.

    Raven Kaldera in his book “Moon Phase Astrology” calls this New Moon in Scorpio “the Raging Moon” and during this period he suggests that “this is an excellent time to work in the shade, plumbing to the depths of our own psyche and learning to love the darker side or our soul by accepting ourselves for what we are without attempting to change”. He adds that “understanding is the point, not healing, but an understanding that leads to compassion of self.”

    The Sabian symbol for this New Moon at 21° Scorpio: “Obeying his conscious, a soldier resists orders.” Indicating the readiness to face the results of a refusal to follow the authoritarian patterns of an aggressive society.

    For the antiscion point at 10° Aquarius: “A man who had for a time become the embodiment of a popular ideal is made to realise that as a person he is not this ideal.” Indicating the need to deal with human beings as persons rather than as screens upon which one projects one’s dreams and ideals.

    “Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zones. We have to break the rules. And we have to discover the sensuality of fear. We need to face it, challenge it, dance with it.”  Kyra Davis

    What intentions are you setting for this powerful New Moon?


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