• new moonThere will be a New Moon at 19° of Scorpio on the 11th of November. New Moons are the time when we are encouraged to set our intentions for the month to come.

    This New Moon will be on the Scorpio/Taurus axis (two fixed signs, the first Water the second Earth) which corresponds to the 8th-2nd houses in traditional astrology: what others value vs what I value, wanting to tear down the known to make room for new things vs wanting to maintain the status quo, what I share with others vs what I want for myself etc.

    Scorpio was originally represented by a serpent, the symbol long connected to healing and transformation and so this New Moon could be about shedding our old skin as we attempt to grow.

    However, the sign of Scorpio is actually represented by four levels of symbols:

    The first level is the scorpion, the insect who best knows how to defend himself with his deadly sting.

    The second level is the phoenix, the power to rise from our ashes, to transform ourselves.

    The third level is the eagle, he who rises above deep emotion.

    The fourth and highest level is the dove, our will to surrender to the Divine.

    These four levels all denote the spiritual task of Scorpio, to learn to let go and realize that there is no real death but only transformation.

    Raven Kaldera in his book “Moon Phase Astrology” calls this New Moon in Scorpio “the Raging Moon” and during this period he suggests that “this is an excellent time to work in the shade, plumbing to the depths of our own psyche and learning to love the darker side or our soul by accepting ourselves for what we are without attempting to change”. He adds that “understanding is the point, not healing, but an understanding that leads to compassion of self.”

    The Moon will pass over Mercury, who is also in the sign of Scorpio, just hours before the New Moon becomes exact as well as forming a sextile aspect to Jupiter in Virgo and a trine to Chiron in Pisces. This “lunar” illumination, which is denied to us by the shadow of the Earth, could assist us reach a further depth of introspection which might help us find the road to transformation and also to recognize where we are wounded and take that in as part of our journey (please read my recent article on Jupiter opposing Chiron if you want to know more about this aspect). So it might be a good idea to write down our dreams or journal our thoughts during the days coming up to, and shortly after, the occurrence of the New Moon so as to aspire to and understand, the highest levels of the Scorpio symbols.

    Which part of your natal chart is involved with this New Moon? Where do you need to dig deep to uncover the treasure inside your soul?


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