• don’t quit your daydreams….  

    There will be a New Moon on the 17th of March at 26°53’ Pisces, a mutable, Water sign ruled by Neptune (modern) and Jupiter (traditional), let’s also take into consideration its antiscion point at 3°07 Libra.

    The Sun and Moon will be closely conjunct Chiron in Pisces suggesting that healing may come through dreams or that a new way of looking at our emotions could help the healing process or even that we will become aware of just how much charisma we have this month.

    Neptune, modern ruler of Pisces and also in his home sign is, together with Mercury in Aries, on the degree of the nodal axis making these planetary energies more noticeable. Fake news and fuzzy thought processes could be yet another outlet for this Lunar energy. Meanwhile, Jupiter, traditional ruler of Pisces has just gone retrograde in Scorpio, another water sign, and it is applying a sextile aspect to its modern ruler Pluto. What kind of psychological treasure might surface from our inner consciousness? Where might our willpower be encouraged to prevail?

    New Moons are notoriously the best moment to set fresh intentions for the month ahead. This one falls on the 12th-6th house axis (Pisces-Virgo) in traditional astrology so themes such as chaos vs order, compassion vs criticism and wholeness vs perfection come to mind.

    The lunation will involve those with planets or angles between 25-29° of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) and the house where the New Moon occurs in the natal chart.

    Raven Kaldera in his book “Moon Phase Astrology” calls this new Moon

    the “Dreamer’s Moon”.

    He goes on to describe this Moon as “a reflection of Neptune’s influence on the Moon resulting in people who never quite know where all their edges are, barely able to figure out what is real from what is imaginary.” On this Moon he suggests that we use the time for (day)-dreaming since our strength at this moment is now in believing that our wishes can come true.

    On the same day as the New Moon occurs, Mars will go OOB as it changes signs the day after and enters Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation. Mars could express itself in rather unsavoury ways during his stay in this sign and more so during the OOB period (17th March to 8th April), first hitting the “brick wall” of Saturn (in his own sign) and then meeting up with “power house” Pluto. This of course merits an article in itself!!

    The Sabian Symbol for 27° Pisces is: The Harvest Moon illumines a clear autumnal sky.” Indicating the light of fulfilment that blesses work well done.

    For the antiscion point 4° Libra: “Around a campfire a group of young people sit in spiritual communion.” Indicating the necessity to unite with kindred spirits as one enters unbeaten paths illumined by the still-insecure light of a dawning intuition of new values.

    “In dreams we enter a world that’s entirely our own.” Albus Dumbledore

    What new intentions will you set for this lunation?



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    Image: Luar Zorrillo, Between Two Worlds