The New Moon will take place at 13°24’ Libra (antiscion 16°36’ Pisces) just over seven hours before Pluto stations to turn direct, by sign but not by degree, Pluto is squaring the New Moon, Mars and Mercury in Libra and is parallel to Venus (dispositor of this lunation) adding yet another level of stress to this already explosive lunation…read on….

    In this degree of Libra the Moon is peregrine and the Sun is in Fall and they are both exact to the degree in an applying conjunction to Mars. Mars is in detriment in Libra and is in mutual reception by detriment with Venus in Scorpio who happens to be the dispositor of this lunation. What an ugly quartet! Adding confusion and unclarity of action is also the fact that Sun, Mars and Neptune are all parallel to each other.

    Another factor that might add to the possible volatility of this lunation is Uranus retrograde in Taurus contro-parallel Jupiter, Uranus is disposed by Venus and applying a quincunx aspect to the New Moon and Mars. Mercury is also part of the stellium in Libra albeit a little removed from the more intense part of the action.

    So, here we have four planets (Moon, Sun, Mars and Venus) staggering along together without really knowing in what direction to go or even how to get there (even more so with the parallel aspect to Neptune). The New Moon in Libra may bring to mind a new start in relationships where harmony and the desire to get along together are foremost in our thoughts but Mars in Libra may go overboard and exaggerate creating discord and strife rather than harmony and good will. The quincunx from retrograde Uranus could involve finding an unexpected solution to a problem that can no longer be ignored, either on a personal or a global level since Uranus is, after all, an outer planet and affects the general as well as filtering down to a personal level. It could also mean that financial or terrestrial events catch us by surprise and require an immediate solution or that personal relationships get hit by sudden and unexpected events.

    The lunation chart itself is heavy in the Air element and totally lacks Fire, looking ahead at the long term solution is fine but we have little enthusiasm or intuition to follow the right path. There is only one planet in the Mutable modality showing that flexibility and quick thinking may also be lacking whilst stubbornness (Fixed modality) and the urge to move ahead whatever (Cardinal modality) abound.

    Mercury, retrograde and also in Libra but a little further out is separating from a trine aspect to Jupiter in Aquarius, also retrograde. We might entertain far fetched ideas about social reform and justice in the days preceding the lunation but these again will be difficult to put into practice due to the retrograde movement of both planets.

    In traditional astrology this New Moon falls on the 7th-1st house axis which is about relating to others on a personal basis versus relating to self and trying to find the right balance between the two (which is also about Libra too).

    Author, Raven Kaldera, in his book “Moon Phase Astrology” calls this Moon the “White Knight’s Moon” and describes it as putting the focus on justice and discerning right from wrong and according to him this Moon is a great time to examine our ideals and adjust them if necessary.

    The Sabian symbol for 14° Libra: “In the heat of the noon hour a man takes a siesta.” Indicating the need for recuperation within the social pattern of everyday activity.

    For the antiscion at 17° Pisces: “An Easter parade.” Indicating the capacity inherent in all great sociocultural images to unite the members of a community in a display of excellence.

    And, since Libra is also the sign of indecision and trying to please:

    “Those are my principles. If you don’t like them, I have others.” Groucho Marx



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    Artwork: myskypie2021