• forget love and peace….

    The first of six New Moons at 23° of their relative signs.

    This New Moon will take place at 23°53’ Libra (antiscion 6°07’ Pisces) and will be squaring Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, now all direct, in Capricorn, it will also still be in orb of an opposition to Mars retrograde in Aries, thus forming a Cardinal T-square aspect. The lunation is also in tight separating orb to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January again re-activating this degree and its consequences.

    Libra brings to mind the usual Venus topics with a very harmonious nuance. So, we could expect accord, comprehension, justice and fair play in all relationships with an almost exaggerated sense of wanting to please at all costs since rocking the boat would make us lose our balance and poise.


    Tempers could flare (Mars in Aries) whilst Moon and Sun try to their best to mediate (Libra). This argumentative state is quickly processed by the power planets in practical, disciplined, yet ambitious  Capricorn making for a stop and start attitude by the persons in charge. To lock-down or not to lock down…this is definitely the dilemma of the moment!

    The chart yet again has a heavy Earthy/Cardinal influence indicating that everyday problems have to be dealt with in a quick yet practical, no-nonsense way with little propension (or time) to think about the future. It’s all about staying afloat in the here and now.

    Venus, dispositor of the lunation is in the sign of its fall (Virgo) and in trine aspect with the above-mentioned trio of planets in Capricorn…hopefully making their actions the best possible for all and really well thought out (Mercury dispositor of Venus has just turned retrograde in the sign of Scorpio).

    New Moons are great times to set your intentions about projects to undertake during the month to come so try to take some quiet time to think about what you would like or need to change in the matters of the house where this lunation takes place in your chart.

    The New Moon falls on the 7-1st axis (Aries-Libra) in traditional astrology: the us vs I, compromise vs assertion, relationship vs independence etc. Most affected by this New Moon are those people with planets or angles between 21-26° in the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

    Author, Raven Kaldera, in his book “Moon Phase Astrology” calls this Moon the

    “White Knight’s Moon”

    he describes it as putting the focus on justice and discerning right from wrong and according to him this Moon is a great time to examine our ideals and adjust them if necessary.

    The Sabian symbol for 24° Libra: “A butterfly with a third wing on its left side.” Indicating the ability to develop, for inner strengthening, new modes of response to basic life situations.

    For the antiscion at 7° Pisces: “Illuminated by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea mist.” Indicating the spiritual blessing which strengthens individuals who, happen what may, stand uncompromisingly for their own truth.

    Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.     Jana Kingsford


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    Artwork: myskypie2020