• new moonThere will be a New Moon at 21°31’ Leo on the 14th of August.

    In his book “Moon Phase Astrology”, author Raven Kaldera describes this moon as the “Sun Child’s Moon” a creature of smiling, radiant light. The people born under this moon phase in Leo have a tremendous zest for life and love to be looked at, making people gasp and drop their jaws as they charm the pants off them!

    During the Sun Child’s Moon we are invited to concentrate on our own creativity in any endeavour we might undertake since this is a good time to shine, even if you’re not used to the limelight, or to feel special to others in some way.

    The Moon in Leo in on the 5-11th axis in the traditional zodiac wheel, so, individuality vs group activity, autocrat vs democrat etc.

    This Leo New Moon will imbue us with optimism in the house in which it occurs in our natal theme bestowing a desire to be recognised and feel special in some way regarding the affairs of that house with Leo on the cusp.

    The New Moon will be conjunct transiting Venus which is in its retrograde period so this could also be an excellent moment to think about how we socialize or where we over-indulge ourselves when we feel unloved. It may also concern our idea of “loyalty” to possessions, values or persons in our life.

    The New Moon in Leo will also be in a trine aspect to transiting Uranus which is also retrograde, perhaps you are craving emotional excitement somewhere in your life which hasn’t yet manifested on the mental plane or in a material way. It could also bring about a change in your plans or a surprise in the house of your natal chart with Leo on the cusp.

    Where does the New Moon fall in your chart?