• Saturn’s influence is still hard to ignore…

    The New Moon will occur at 26°35’ Leo (antiscion 3°35’ Taurus) and will form a partile quincunx aspect to Saturn retrograde in Capricorn.

    Quincunxes are aspects of tension rather than of action and this one has a 6th house flavour to it (Saturn is 6 houses after the New Moon by sign), hinting at health issues and daily grind, so, again we have a Saturn influence in a monthly lunation as for the past four. The tension aspect of the quincunx is usually released by a transiting planet passing over the degree of the aspect and the release could likely be caused by transiting Mars in Aries applying to square Saturn in a couple of degrees time. Mars-Saturn squares usually cause some kind of blockage or at best slow progress but, at the same time, Mars will also be applying a trine aspect to the New Moon giving energy to it as well as adding to the push-and-pull effect. I see this as wanting to enjoy ourselves and have fun (Leo New Moon) but with the nagging sensation (the quincunx aspect) that by exaggerating (Mars-New Moon) we may end up on lockdown again (Mars-Saturn) if not ill.

    Mercury is still combust (thus out of action) and conjunct the New Moon formation making it’s voice unlikely to be heard until it reaches Virgo in a couple of days-time (Virgo is one of the loud-voiced signs).

    Venus is just separating from a sextile to stationary Uranus, did we use this opportunity to add excitement to our love life or was the pace too fast for some?

    The lunation chart itself is rich in Earth and Fire elements (4 planets each with the Earthy ones all retrograde), only 2 planets in the Water element and non in the Air. A confused practicality and materialism is still at the forefront, confused due to the retrograding planets with the ability to plan ahead and see the bigger picture totally absent. It seems like we’re still doing the ostrich thing and hiding our head in the sand so as not to see what’s coming.

    The modalities are also heavy in Cardinal and Fixed modes with only 2 planets in Mutable signs. The retrogrades make Cardinal energy difficult to get starting and all that Fixity is not helping us to move along.

    New Moons are times when the Sun and Moon are conjoined in the same degree of the same sign and this causes the Moon to remain hidden from our view.

    It’s a moment to set intentions for the coming month regarding the matters of the house where it falls in our natal chart. New Moons can be seen as moments of “seeding”.

    The Moon in Leo finds itself on the 5-11th axis in the traditional zodiac wheel (Leo-Aquarius), so, me vs them, warm-hearted vs unemotional, artist vs scientist etc. Leo is a Fixed, Fire Sign and the New Moon will have most effect on persons with planets or angles in the Fixed signs of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus.

    In his book “Moon Phase Astrology”, author Raven Kaldera describes this moon as the

    “Sun Child’s Moon”

    a creature of smiling, radiant light. The people born under this moon phase in Leo have a tremendous zest for life and love to be looked at, making people gasp and drop their jaws as they charm the pants off them!

    During the Sun Child’s Moon he invites us to concentrate on our own creativity in any endeavour we might undertake since this is a good time to shine, even if you’re not used to the limelight, or to feel special to others in some way.

    This Leo New Moon will imbue us with optimism in the house in which it occurs in our natal theme bestowing a desire to be recognised and feel special in some way regarding the affairs of that house with Leo on the cusp.

    If the New Moon conjoins a planet in our natal chart then that planetary energy is awakened and energised, and intentions should be related to that planet, its sign and house. If we consciously choose to harness the power of the New Moon and the energy of any planet it aspects (tight orbs no more than 2°) we become capable of noteworthy new beginnings in that area of our life.

    The Sabian symbol for the New Moon at 27° Leo: “The luminescence of dawn in the eastern sky.” Indicating the exalting challenge of new opportunities at the threshold of a new cycle.

    For the antiscion point at 4° Taurus: “The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” Indicating riches that come from linking the celestial and the earthly nature.

    “Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow,
    it only saps today of its joy.”
    – Leo Buscaglia



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    Artwork: myskypie2020