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    There will be a New Moon at 12°34’ of the mutable Air sign of Gemini on the 3rd of June the very day before Mercury enters the sign of Cancer and a week after it goes OOB (27/05-17/06).

    This is a very inquisitive, intellectual Moon, hard to pin down emotionally due to its constantly changing feelings caused by its tendency to over-rationalise everything. Under pressure this Moon is not very reliable and commitment issues may surface.

    Gemini loves to communicate, anything that passes through their minds will do most of the time, of course under the New Moon all these words that gush out do have an emotional basis however.

    Mercury, the dispositor of this lunation and OOB since the 27th of May, is also in Gemini but at the end of the sign and has recently made an opposition aspect to a retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius, ideas and words take on a more knowledgeable form when Mercury meets up with this generous planet as wisdom and experience also come into play.

    This coming month we are invited to refine (or maybe define) our communication skills so that underlying wisdom and knowledge can come out in a way so as not to upset the less informed. Keep in mind that truth usually triumphs so let’s not confuse it with too much small talk.

    Mars still OOB in Cancer is still within (a separating) orb to this New Moon and approaching a conjunction to the transiting North Lunar Node which demands a caring energy on the physical plane whilst the rather wide opposition to Saturn-South Node-Pluto in Capricorn demands us to find a balance between the very public and the needy private parts of our lives.

    As a side-note it’s interesting to see that during the New Moon there will be 5 planets in their home signs: Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Venus in Taurus and Mercury in Gemini.

    New Moons are times when we are invited to set our intentions for the month to come regarding that area of our life which the Moon is illuminating in this lunar phase.

    In his book “Moon Phase Astrology”, author Raven Kaldera calls this New Moon “The Little Brother’s Moon” because Gemini is the traditional ruler of the third house that also involves siblings. For Kaldera this Moon phase in Gemini represents “the younger sibling who lives in his mind and not in the physical world since although he is intensely clever, compassion is unknown to him.”

    He continues “on this Moon we indulge our curiosity, the nervous energy associated with it can affect already highly strung people to the point of a nervous breakdown and concentration becomes difficult so it is more worthwhile to go out with friends rather than stay at home worrying.”

    People most affected by this formation will be those with planets or angles in the middle degrees (11-15) of the mutable signs.

    The Sabian symbol for 13° Gemini is: “A famous pianist giving a concert performance.” Indicating individual fulfilment in the performing of a social function to which some prestige is attached.

    For the antiscion at 18° Cancer: “A hen scratching the ground to find nourishment for her progeny.” Indicating the practical concern with everyday nourishment necessary to sustain one’s outreaching activities.

    “If you write a line of zeroes, it´s still nothing.” Ayn Rand


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