• new moonOn Tuesday June 16th there will be a New Moon at 25°07’ of Gemini, it will take place at 14.30 GMT.

    According to Raven Kaldera in his book “Moon Phase Astrology”, the New Moon in Gemini is known as “the little brother’s Moon” he describes this Moon as “a nervous Moon under which concentration can be difficult”. So this maybe a good time to socialize with friends rather than work late in the office. This New Moon occurs in a sign that is ruled by Mercury (now travelling direct after its second retrograde period of this year) and he is also in the sign of Gemini at this time.

    The effects of the New Moon will have an underlying 3rd-9th house feeling to them so “your mind-set versus their thoughts”, “your knowledge versus their wisdom”, “your trips around the block versus their long overseas journeys” and it also could involve matters dealing with siblings or neighbours. This said, the actual house in your natal theme where this New Moon occurs will be highlighted for the next thirty days as well as bringing into the picture any planets or angles it touches or aspects in the signs of Virgo (also ruled by Mercury), Sagittarius and Pisces. This New Moon could actually involve learning some new facts or assimilating some new information that may become useful at a later date and you should pay special attention to transiting Mercury in Gemini if it will also make contacts with planets or angles in your chart over the next month.

    Where does the Gemini New Moon fall in your chart?