The New Moon will occur at 9°03’ Gemini (antiscion 20°57’ Cancer).

    This restless Moon has a preponderance of planets in the Earth element with only Neptune in the Water element, this gives a very practical stance with the 3 planets in the Air element allowing us to look ahead as we plan. The Modalities are well balanced.

    This is a very inquisitive, intellectual Moon, hard to pin down emotionally due to its constantly changing feelings caused by its tendency to over-rationalise everything. Under pressure this Moon is not very reliable and commitment issues may surface.

    New Moons are times when we are invited to set our intentions for the month to come regarding that area of our life which the Moon is illuminating in this lunar phase.

    The Moon and Sun are separating from a sextile to the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Aries, lots of communications and talks about warfare, battles and arguments has been going on.

    Mercury, dispositor of this lunation, is retrograde in Taurus and makes multiple aspects, a sextile to Neptune, ideas may be confused as we try to work out what’s going on, a simultaneous square to Saturn, it’s difficult to get those plans and thoughts into a more disciplined mind-set and a trine to Pluto R, it’s time for transformation and renewal to begin as we rethink our plans (Mercury retrograde).

    This New Moon also has 4 planets in their own signs, Venus in Taurus, Mars in Aries, Saturn in Aquarius and Neptune in Pisces.

    In his book “Moon Phase Astrology”, author Raven Kaldera calls this New Moon “The Little Brother’s Moon” because Gemini is the traditional ruler of the third house that also involves siblings. For Kaldera this Moon phase in Gemini represents “the younger sibling who lives in his mind and not in the physical world since although he is intensely clever, compassion is unknown to him.”

    He continues “on this Moon we indulge our curiosity, the nervous energy associated with it can affect already highly strung people to the point of a nervous breakdown and concentration becomes difficult so it is more worthwhile to go out with friends rather than stay at home worrying.”

    The Sabian symbol for 10 Gemini is: “An airplane performing a nose-dive.” Indicating a superior ability to challenge nature and play with danger.

    For the antiscion at 21° Cancer: “A famous singer is proving her virtuosity during an operatic performance.” Indicating the emotional reward accompanying cultural excellence.

    Remember: “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” Galileo Galilei


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