be careful what you wish for….

    The New Moon with the Solar Eclipse is going to occur on October 14, 2023 at 21°08’ Libra (antiscion 08°52’ Pisces). It is expected to be seen in parts of the United States, Mexico, and many countries in South and Central America. People will be able to observe a “Ring of Fire” in the sky since this eclipse is an annular one where the Moon will pass in front of the Sun but not completely cover it. (1)

    This is the third of four Eclipses this year. Eclipses take place when the Sun, Moon and Earth find themselves closely aligned.

    New Moons are great times to set your intentions about projects to undertake during the month to come so try to take some quiet time to think about what you would like or need to change in the matters of the house where this lunation takes place in your chart.

    Libra brings to mind the usual Venus topics with a very harmonious nuance. So, we could expect accord, comprehension, justice and fair play in all relationships with an almost exaggerated sense of wanting to please at all costs since rocking the boat would make us lose our balance and poise. However, it may not turn out just so nicely!

    “All charming people have something to conceal, usually their total dependence on the appreciation of others.” Cyril Connolly

    The lunation chart is well balanced Modality-wise but totally lacks any planets in the Fire Element – there could be a lack of faith with intuitions veering towards negative rather than positive as well as a lack of drive.

    The Lunation is applying a square to Pluto which itself is squaring the Lunar nodes, this is an eclipse where Sun-Moon are both closely conjunct the South Node. Pluto, as we know, is the planet of transformation and disruption leading to rebirth or regeneration, I’ve already mentioned what kind of effect we might expect with the planet also squaring the nodal axis. Suffice to add that both on a mundane and at a personal level the struggle (square aspect Pluto-nodal axis, lunation/eclipse on South Node) for power and control between oppressor and oppressed could become ferocious. Are we ready to face the change? Or are we stuck in the past and have trouble moving forward? This might not be an easy process since square aspects are often difficult to resolve and need a lot of work to do so and Libra is well known for its dislike of confrontation.

    The dispositor of the New Moon is Venus, now in Virgo and in Mutual Reception with Mercury presently transiting Libra so the two planets are willing and able to help each other if need be. Mercury could perhaps help us find the right words or an attractive plan to navigate the situation without having to compromise too much, especially since Mercury is approaching a conjunction to Moon-Sun and Libra being an Air sign.

    The New Moon is on steroids so to speak being as it is an annular Solar Eclipse.

    This particular eclipse is of the Saros Series 7 South which Bernadette Brady describes thus “the individual experiencing this series will find that huge obstacles will suddenly and easily clear or, on the negative side, a pending potential crisis will suddenly manifest and move through his or her life very rapidly. Either way the individual will feel that everything is moving at great speed.”

    The last Solar Eclipse at 21° Libra took place on the 14th October 2004 (but of a different Saros series)

     what was going on in your life then?

    The effects of eclipses can be quite unpredictable (a “what-the-heck effect”), sometimes stressing emotions or bringing unexpected events into our lives, at other times they can go seemingly unnoticed. Some astrologers say that the effects of the eclipses manifest for as long as the duration of the eclipse itself, transmuting the minutes of the duration into days. Although of different Saros series, eclipses occur at similar degrees of the same sign in 19-year cycles as they move in a retrograde motion through the zodiac. Thus, they have effect on the same house polarity in your natal chart (or on any personal planets or angles in Libra and/or Aries that fall in a 2°30’ orb for conjunctions, 2° for oppositions, allowing 5° if Sun or Moon is involved).

    Events connected to an eclipse can also manifest up to two months before or after the event or when a following New Moon squares the eclipse degree. This will happen on 8th January 2024, when the New Moon will be at 20°44’ Capricorn squaring the 21° Libra eclipse degree. Occurrences related to the eclipse can occur around then as well as manifesting when a planet transits 20-22° of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). In fact, Mars will be between 20-22° Capricorn during the last days of January beginning February 2024. A few days to watch perhaps!

    The New Moon falls on the 7-1st axis (Aries-Libra) in traditional astrology: the us vs I, compromise vs assertion, relationship vs independence etc. Most affected by this New Moon are those people with planets or angles between 19-24° in the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

    Author, Raven Kaldera, in his book “Moon Phase Astrology” calls this Moon the

    “White Knight’s Moon”

     he describes it as putting the focus on justice and discerning right from wrong and according to him this Moon is a great time to examine our ideals and adjust them if necessary.

    The Sabian symbol for 22° Libra: “A child giving birds a drink at a fountain.” Indicating the concern of simple souls for the welfare and happiness of less-evolved beings who thirst for life renewal.

    For the antiscion at 9° Pisces: “A jockey spurs his horses, intent on outdistancing his rivals.” Indicating the intense mobilisation of energy and skill in the drive for success in any social performance affected by the competitive spirit.

    And on this New Moon let’s remember:

    “You don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note” Doug Floyd

     What do you expect from this New Moon? What intentions are you going to set?



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