• partial solar eclipseNew Moons are said to bring new beginnings to the part of our natal chart (house) where they fall and even more so if they make a conjunction (1-2° orb) or an opposition to a planet, in this case, in either Virgo or Pisces.

    Raven Kaldera in his book “Moon Phase Astrology”1 calls this New Moon in Virgo the “Maiden’s Moon” and since we need to find solace in solitude this is an excellent moment to perform work of a repetitive, solitary type that allows your mind to wander into a meditative space whilst the work itself becomes just a background rhythm.

    The concomitant Solar Eclipse in Virgo will further highlight the house where it falls in your natal chart and even more so if conjunct or in opposition to a planet or angle there. The partial solar eclipse will only be visible from South Africa, Antarctica and locations in Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

    According to Bernadette Brady, renowned astrologer,2 the effects of solar eclipses are more external and deal with events that surround the person, that is, they bring in events that we ourselves have not precipitated. Eclipses are spotlights that shine on our life-path, they catch you in mid-action illuminating that area of your life (house) in which they occur. Whatever has been shoved aside or ignored will turn up for your attention and this could be experienced as dramatic and emotional whilst at the same time giving you the opportunity to deal with it, or not, it depends entirely on you.

    Brady has classified the eclipses in the Saros cycle into precise characteristics according to the planetary configurations present as the moment the eclipse was born (for those interested in learning more about her theory please consult her book which I’ve included in the reference section).

    This particular eclipse and the total Lunar one which will follow it at the end of the month belong to the S.S. 18 North series which initiated on 4th February 1060 to end on 8th March 2304, it involved a Pluto-Mercury conjunction with Uranus on the Mars/Saturn midpoint. Brady states that “a high stress level accompanies the energy of this series and individuals will experience a taxing of their strength. Events will occur that require the expenditure of effort with the whole flavour of the eclipse being of physical concern as well as worry or obsessive thinking.”

    Often however, manifestations regarding the eclipses do not occur at or around the actual date of the eclipse but are usually triggered by a planet transiting this point (20°10’ Virgo). The first planet to pass the eclipse point therefore will be transiting Mars on 27th October with transiting Venus a close second on the 30th. Around these dates those with planets or angles touched by the eclipse may see some manifestations regarding the matters of the planets and the houses involved.

    Where will the eclipse fall in your chart and does it make contacts with any planets or angles?


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