• 7576e874472aabbd69e10d930070d630 man with telescopeNeptune turns direct on the 18th November at 7° 0’ of Pisces, his own sign. This means that uncertainties or lack of clarity finally start to lift as the fog clears (look to the houses where you have Pisces on the cusp to see where the fogginess may have been manifesting for you as well as the sign/house/aspects of your natal Neptune).

    We get a few days of so-called clarity before the 25th when Mercury in Sagittarius forms a square aspect to Neptune and conjoins Saturn; things get muddled up again as we try to give form to our thoughts and dreams although Mercury sextile Mars also on the 25th could give us the courage to voice our thoughts anyway, in the hope that others understand what we mean even we don’t. Go figure!

    On the 26th there will be an exact square aspect between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, the first of a series of three squares this and next year (at 7° (26th November 2015), 12° (17th June 2016 with both planets retrograde) and 10° (10th September 2016 with Neptune only still retrograde)). This square aspect generates frustration and pessimism which is difficult to pin down as the material world clashes with the spiritual world. Fantasies might evaporate as we learn to discern what is possible from the illusory and we have the opportunity to gain a new level of understanding.

    Meditation, yoga, visualization may all help to understand the psychic message of Neptune which needs to be translated into the concrete knowledge of Saturn.

    How are you faring through this transit? Any comments?