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    Now that the hustle of writing about the latest planetary movements is momentarily over I have decided to jot down some miscellaneous thoughts about astrology that have been swirling around in my mind.

    I would like to stress that these are my personal thoughts about the subject of astrology, they are by no means what everybody or even anybody else thinks about the subject, and I would appreciate if some of you would like to take part in this “solo” discussion by posting some comments too.

    Well, first of all, what is astrology for you?

    Before describing what it is for me, I’d rather rattle out a few of the things that I firmly believe it isn’t:

    • It’s not a recognized science
    • It’s not a religion
    • It’s not a political movement
    • It’s not witchcraft or anything eerie
    • It’s not divination (in the way that, as astrologers, we cannot predict in advance how things will turn out exactly)

    The list could probably go on for a while more.

    So, what is astrology for me then?

    • It’s a calendar, it’s a day-by-day unfolding of celestial events portrayed by the moving planets based on whatever point of view you what to observe it from (tropical or sidereal)
    • It’s a marvellous tool for really getting to know oneself and recognize why some patterns repeat themselves so often in our lives

    Let me explain these two points a little better:

    It’s a calendar and as such we can use it to go back and forth in time as well as stay in the present moment in which the past has already affected us and from where we can gain an idea about how to work hard (with ourselves) to play out the future in the best way possible.

    Planetary aspects have so many intrinsic and varied meanings, when we look back to history we can see how the planetary aspects really played out in that time and situation. When we look at the present we nearly always have a good idea of where we really are with our life but when we look to the future there are so many variables to take into account: how we react to planetary aspects is usually so different to how someone else might react to the same planetary aspect, and if we have difficulty controlling or directing the energies available to us alone, how can we control or direct those that involve other individuals in our lives? How can we foresee or predict exactly what will happen in a given moment in the near or distant future taking into consideration the above variables? And, furthermore, is it ethically correct for us to do so?

    It’s a marvellous tool for getting to know oneself better:

    Many astrologers believe the natal chart is a map of kinds of our soul’s journey on this planet and, as such, that the placement of the planets in the natal chart gives us indications of the hurdles to overcome or the easier ways available to us as we progress through life. They also show us how to recognize some patterns  that may repeat in our lives preventing us from “growing” in a soul-orientated way which might also reflect or manifest in a more physical way in our life.

    What we can do is try to learn as much as possible about the positive or negative energy each planet may make available to us when it contacts sensitive points in our natal charts and see how we might be able to use that knowledge to modify our thinking and thus our reactions as a consequence.

    What is your take on astrology?