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    As promised in my article “Mars in Cancer and a task for you” posted on June 21st here is a synthesis of my experience of Mars in Cancer as it made multiple and simultaneous aspects to planets and angles in my natal chart.

    The first exact multiple and simultaneous contacts were:

    Mars conjunct Uranus and trine Ascendant… the whole period of the transit saw me trying to assert my individuality (Mars transiting 9th) and I did this through my knowledge of astrology (Uranus) since I was preparing the August horoscopes on the day the conjunction became exact, I was also striving to widen my astrological activities through various first-person initiatives (Mars trine Ascendant).

    Then came the next sequel of exact and simultaneous contacts:

    Mars trine Moon and Mars square Neptune…these two days saw me very crabby (Mars in Cancer) and uptight with the people at home (natal Moon in 4th) since I was feeling cramped in my style and unable to assert my individuality (Mars transiting 9thand trine Moon). Perhaps this was due to me feeling particularly tired with low physical energies during these two days (Mars square Neptune).

    The last aspect involved Mars conjunct Venus…now normally this would be a super-sexy combination with enhanced sexual adventures possible but, alas…the only thing that happened to me and worthy of note was that I badly cut (Mars) my finger with a glass phial of a cosmetic (Venus) lotion that was supposed to make my hair (Mars) look better!

    Ok now did any of you keep track of Mars during its transit through Cancer? Have you anything to report about this?

    Would anyone like to repeat this “game” during one of the next Mars transits?