• Most people know their Sun signs and many also know their rising or ascending sign too but few people, and usually only the ones who have a deeper interest in astrology, know their Moon sign. The Moon sign is extremely important too since: We exist through the Sun and we live through the Moon, or to put another way: Whilst the Sun represents the way we act outwardly, the Moon symbolizes our inner self, the way we assimilate and elaborate external events.

    The sign the Moon is in informs us about what we need to feel safe or what we cling to for security when we feel unsafe and thus describes our attitude to the idea of being protected and of protecting others. The energy of our Sun sign is channelled through our Moon sign.

    So here is a list of Moon sign characteristics:


    Needs to be important, to be number one. Positive traits: lively, wilful, loud, courageous and impetuous with a necessity to start things. Negative traits: quarrelsome, highly impatient, has difficulty listening to others, highly sensitive to criticism and sometimes arrogant.


    Wants to feel secure, to keep things as they are or as they should be according to them. Positive traits: sensual, calm, good-natured, content, patient and a peace-lover. Negative traits: stubborn, lazy, boring, with a tendency towards being thick-skinned.


    Desire to be bright and clever, informed and intense. Positive traits: interested in everything, intelligent, loves communicating, feelings are analysed and rarely felt. Negative traits: Shallow and constantly changing feelings, cynical, superficial and even a tedious know-it-all.


    Wants emotional security especially at home. Positive traits: imaginative, dreamy, romantic, feelings change with moon phases, faithful and family orientated. Negative traits: moody, touchy, demands attention and affection due to constant need of security.


    Has to be respected, loved and honoured. Positive traits: optimistic, sunny, enjoys feeling like someone special, loves pleasure and often luxury and needs recognition. Negative traits: jealous, easily offended, exaggerated reactions and irate outbursts.


    Has to get things right, in order, also very insightful. Positive traits: wants to live healthily and modestly, loves order and cleanliness, very reliable in times of need. Negative traits: perfectionism at all costs, nit-picky, worrisome and intolerant.


    Wants to be appreciated, popular, to be just. Positive traits: knows how to get what he wants by using charm, needs a harmonious and peaceful environment, wants love and attention. Negative traits: emotionally unstable, indecisive, too concerned with external form or maintaining good reputation.


    Needs to be in control, to be thought of as reliable, right and deep. Positive traits: very instinctive with the power of making wishes come true, attracted to all that is taboo. Negative traits: extremely jealous, vengeful, never forgets when he’s been wronged, very secretive.


    Wants to have his opinions respected by all. Positive traits: enthusiastic, idealistic, high goals and easily motivated, high sense of justice. Negative traits: very opinionated but doesn’t like criticism towards self, arrogant, conceited, condescending and sometimes unreliable.


    Desire to make things happen, to be in charge of progress. Positive traits: responsible, serious, achiever, basically happy with self, likes simplicity. Negative traits: Envious, fear of being rejected, takes on too many tasks at the same time, distrusting and pessimistic.


    The need to be unique in some way and also socially significant. Positive traits: original, creative, self-sufficient, acts on free will, loves to experiment. Negative traits: restless, fickle, aloof, feels at home nowhere.


    Wants to understand impressions, work with the intangible and identify the ideal. Positive traits: devoted to partner with longing to merge, instinctive urge for the mystical, empathy, intuitive. Negative traits: plays victim, cannot establish boundaries, moody, unstable, could have problems with addiction if other charts factors show this.