• Mercury’s long ride through Gemini

  • May 1st 2015 to July 8th 2015

    Mercury will remain in Gemini for just over two months, this uncommonly long stay (it usually takes a month or little more for Mercury to move signs) is due to the three week retrograde period of the planet.

    Mercury is in its own sign in Gemini and, as a such, will be particularly active during the next two months.

    As it coasts through the sign it will make repeated and interesting aspects with four planets:

    Mercury in opposition to Saturn during the periods May 1st to 4th and June 8th to 17th

    This opposition could bring some serious thinking with it especially regarding how you fit it into your world and how to get your practical needs met. It’s all to do with your identity actually and the difficulties you might be experiencing in relationships or how you need to deal with eventual feelings of loneliness and/or depression. If you can get a handle on this negative thinking however this will be an excellent time to do any kind of mental work that needs discipline and order making this a very effective period by learning the hard way!

    Mercury square Neptune during the periods May 7th to 11th, retrograde period May 23rd to June 6th and June 17th to 26th

    These are moments when confusion could reign in your life. You may be misunderstood or you may have difficulty in relating to the real world (especially during the retrograde period) and you may keep secrets or have to do with people who aren’t telling you the full facts. Actually none of the above periods are indicated as fortunate if you have to sign documents or contracts of any nature. On the other hand these may be excellent times to pay attention to your intuition regarding future trends but wait until the square aspects pass before deciding whether it pays you or not to follow your intuition!!

    Mercury conjunct Mars during the retrograde period May 24th to 31st

    This period coincides with one of the Mercury square Neptune aspects so here your mind might be working overtime and Neptune could confound your ideas! This could involve huge misunderstandings for one or the other party and some may possibly be spoiling for a fight…so keep those nerves in check. Mars could also scatter any ideas that come to mind, mixing them up and getting them out in a totally wrong way!

    Mercury sextile Venus during the period June 9th to 12th

    The first two days of this aspect will occur during the retrograde period but it also coincides with one of the Mercury- Saturn transits. So, in the first half of the transit you might be in touch even more with your feelings, especially regarding relationships and you may even be considering breaking a relationship (Saturn can be demanding) but it may also be a passing moment and it’s probably worthwhile waiting until both this transit and the Saturn transit are over before making any rash decisions in love. On the other hand, it may also sprinkle a little glitter over an otherwise gloomy period for you.